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The basketball gods taketh from the Rockets

Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is a regular contributor to Houston Sports and Stuff.  His views do not necessarily reflect those of the site or its contributors. Today he looks at what Rockets fans are focused on when it comes to Twitter.


Tuesday night, Golden State Warrior’s star Kevin Durant was injured.  As I watched the Donald Trump faux State of the Union Address, I also peeped Rockets Twitter, and they were beating their chest. It was funny.

As I watched the excitement of possibly losing Durant for the year, I couldn’t help but think about James Evans being killed on the 70s sitcom Good Times.

The Evans were a black family living in Chicago projects Cabrini Green.  It was hard for them and they could not catch a break.  The father James Evans got a good job in Mississippi.  His family still resided in Chicago and were on their way to Mississippi.  They threw a huge party and gave the jackass land lord (Bookman) a piece of their mind.  They were super happy, finally getting out of the ghetto.


Is this reminding you of the Rockets?  If you watched the episode I am referencing, you know how this ends.

During the festivities at the Evan’s apartment, Florida (the mother) received a telegram from her husband’s job in Mississippi.  James was killed in an accident and it sucked the oxygen out of the party and the Evans remained in the projects.

Rockets fans were optimistic for a 16 hour period before receiving the news that Durant would likely return for the playoffs. Reality sat in as they realized, WE SUCK AGAIN.



The Rocket’s fan base knows there’s no hope and they are down to pulling out lucky rabbit’s foot or betting on injuries.  Pathetic to be wishing for injury (which I do for the Texans) for a solid chance to make noise with a likely MVP candidate on your squad.  I looked at the last 10 MVPs and realized, most of them were on teams fans realistically thought had a chance to win. The Rockets will have an MVP with no real chance at winning a title. Joke status.


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