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Meet the Sports & Stuff Team


Welcome to Houston Sports and Stuff, a fun, snarky place where you can get your sports on and read about beer, drinking, gambling and more. Want to write for us? Advertise on the site? Hit me up at

Let’s meet the team behind it:




The mastermind behind Sports and Stuff, a world-class degenerate and host of the Blitz on ESPN 97.5. He’s old and broken down but likes to pretend he isn’t. Co-founder of the site and lover of beer, whiskey, gambling and fun. University of Houston honk. Addicted to taking on new projects all the time. Used this picture because it is tiny and covers most of his face so as not to scare people away. Might die soon. Twitter: @fredfaour

15542360_10153941764491230_1333852346289675566_nSTEPHAN KOTIN

Site Co-founder, who travels to exotic places like Amsterdam for months at a time. He’s a Web guy who just got hired by Facebook. That’s pretty good, right? He’s leaving us for San Francisco but will still be a part of the site. Twitter: @kotin88


You might remember her as hot Shannon From Tewbeleaux’s. Turns out she is also a Web genius and a successful business owner. She is the force behind Brewheart Apparel. So she likes good beer, too. She is part of the Eado hipster crowd and now owns a big chunk of your daily routine. Twitter: @shan_parker




Neal is a talented guy who worked at the Houston Chronicle for many years. He is also  Executive Director of the Touchdown Club. He was in the Longhorn band once so he has just enough dork in him to fit well on the site.  He is here because he is older than Faour, who did not want to be the oldest person involved in the site. Twitter: Dude is so old he is not on Twitter.



Disco is a Montrose hipster who prides herself on being a “Metro 10.” Picture a tatted up Tina Fey, and that’s Disco. She loves sports, alcohol and tattoos. She has a rabbit. Proud mother of baby Biscuit. She is also fearless and will take no prisoners.

Twitter: @discobiscuit127



Holly is the third member of the Sports and Stuff Hyper Hot power trio (Picture the Bangles minus one only hotter and with more musical talent). Like the others, she is pretty damned smart, too. She runs her own football site at, is a huge Eagles fan and like Disco takes crap from no one. Oh, and she likes tattoos, too.

Twitter: @xoholly



Barry is a comedian, radio host and all around badass. He hosts The Usual Suspects on ESPN 97.5 from 1-4 (aka the opening act for The Blitz). He is also one of the few people who could have a Twitter handle like barryisfunny and live up to it.

Twitter: @barryisfunny




Lamont made his reputation on Twitter and social media. Turns out he is pretty good at creating sports content as well. Does not care if he pisses you off. Prone to drunk Twitter rants. Loves to tweak people over politics. Former military. UH grad. Are you not entertained? Twitter: @sportsmedialm



Brien does a lot of NFL and has contributed several articles to the site. He is waiting in the wings for one of the update people to quit or die so he can jump in.

Twitter: @ODonalsvanguard



Ty is a former UH offensive lineman. He is a little like a solar eclipse; he shows up every few months and does something interesting. A huge Cowboys fan but don’t hold that against him.

Twitter: @Ty_Cloud64



Tim is a talented radio guy who is not in the business right now but will be again. Loves all things Kansas. Just guessing, but he probably has a Jayhawk tattooed somewhere on his body. Knows his boxing better than anyone.

Twitter: @timburg



No one knows where off of 288. Or why. But Jay pops up with solid sports takes out of the blue when the mood suits him. Like most of the crew, he loves to fire the occasional wager.

Twitter: @jayoff288



Chris is a southeast Texas native that has followed Houston sports for most of his life. His main hobbies are drinking good beer or whiskey, watching and betting sports. (Sensing a theme here?)

Twitter: @chriscampise



A self-proclaimed weather nerd, he is going to drop some knowledge on us whenever there is a major weather event in H Town. Which seems to be every other week.

Twitter: @stephenuzick



A really cool web site that occasionally hits us with a beer review. They have several fun writers, including Chris Adams and Tony D. They will help you get your beer on.





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