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Some major changes coming to HS&S, UH hoops, more Baylor malfeasance, dumb carjackers and more: The update for March 3

Beginning Monday, Houston Sports and Stuff enters a new era. The site has grown way beyond what we originally envisioned, and that growth takes a big step next week.

We will trot out a new team to do the daily update. Each day, someone different will be providing content. They will have the same snarky slant, with key links to relevant stories — everything you have become accustomed to seeing every morning. The fun part is we will be adding different perspectives, which will make for a more vibrant site.

You can meet the entire team here.

We believe this will make for better content; the people we have brought on are extremely talented, funny people who know their sports and will hopefully keep you laughing in the mornings. I will continue to fill in — usually when one of them is too hung over to write — and post several stories on other topics as well.All of your favorite stuff will still be here — gambling guides, etc. I will also be editing and adding content to the updates, so not much will be different from that perspective.

But overall we are changing for the better. We have several other big things coming soon as well, but this is the next step in our evolution.

More announcements: Congratulations are in order for co-owner Stephan Kotin, who has accepted a job at Facebook. He will be off to California to change the world. He will still be involved with the site when he can. Working for Facebook is a huge deal, and it just goes to show the kind of quality people we have around here. It was his skill and vision that helped get us started and has made HS&S what it is.

With that, Shannon Parker joins our ownership team. She is a terrific, talented person who is going to take over many aspects of the Web site. She is a great addition to the crew.

Back to the sports:

Coming up short: Kelvin Sampson’s Cougars have won 20 games, but unless they win the AAC Tournament, they will not be in NCAAs. They simply do not have the resume. They would have needed a win in Cincinnati and a deep tournament run, and the first half of that equation did not happen last night.

Bearing down: It seems like every week something else comes up in the Baylor scandal. First, women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey said some stupid stuff, then came back with a phony, half-ass apology. Then former football coach Art Briles said he could no longer “remain silent,” even though he was on a media tour for months trying to get another job and talking to anyone who would listen. Then he basically lied through his teeth. While Baylor can’t control Briles, it needs to tell its own people to shut up. Because each time someone opens their mouths, it starts another media bleep storm.

And finally…if your career is “carjacker,” there are some skills you should have. One of them is being able to drive a stick. This guy failed.


“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

— Stephen Hawking



So our good friend Stephan is headed to San Francisco to work for Facebook. And he likes baseball. So today’s hottie is in his honor. Enjoy, sir…


1 Comment on Some major changes coming to HS&S, UH hoops, more Baylor malfeasance, dumb carjackers and more: The update for March 3

  1. Mike Lebischak // March 3, 2017 at 3:30 pm // Reply

    Congratz Falcon!!! So happy for ya!


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