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Sam Houston Race Park selections for Saturday, March 4 with additional analysis not found on the free tip sheet and a bonus play for the Fountain of Youth at Gulfstream

How to use the picks: These are the same picks you can get on the free tip sheet available  at and on track. They are not meant to necessarily be in exact order, but more an opinion on likely winners.  I am assuming you have some knowledge or have listened to Acing Racing 2016.  We give a little more detail here than what you get on the tip sheet and throw in a few potential plays. We also have a pretty salty play on the Fountain of Youth at Gulfstream today as Derby prep season is in full force. Also, it is camel and ostrich night, so come out and root for Donald Hump.

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Absolutely love the 2 horse here, Gunnevara. Was second in last to Irish War Cry, who made an easy lead through soft fractions. Do that at Gulfstream and you win. That’s what happens.The hype surrounding Irish War Cry (especially on TVG) is silly. Taking a deeper look, he won his debut at Laurel at 8-1, then was all out to win a 100k stakes race there. Not exactly the big leagues. Then he got the gift trip to win at Gulfstreeam. He’s a Jersey bred, which isn’t exactly blueblood, although he is sired by Curlin. He is improving, but the waters get deep today, he will be blatantly overbet and if he beats me, he beats me. The 2 will get a better pace scenario today, should improve quite a bit and the price will be right. Wheeling him up and down in the exactas in hopes of catching a price and will put pretty stout win and place bets on him.



DEE DAY could get an easy lead here and prove tough to catch
Digging deeper: Usually, wire to wire winners in the slop are insta-throw outs in their next race. But this race is devoid of pace pressers and the 3 could easily find himself on the lead once again at a square price. Small across the board play here.
RANGERS DEELITE ran well at a big price in last and should improve
Digging deeper: Those US Ranger offspring are nice turf runners and this gal ran well behind a monster in her first try on the lawn at a monster price. Has every right to improve and surprise this group at a square price. Will place solid across the board but will also use the 1-7 in pick 3s.
OLDWICK should get a hot pace to chase down and could score at a price
Digging deeper: This is a pure pace play. The other main contenders all want the lead early, and there should be a significant duel. Whichever Broberg horse goes will likely be the speed of the speed, but it should set up nicely for the 4 to make a serious late run. We will play across the board weighted to the back end doubling each bet depending on yout bankroll. ($2 to win, $4 to place, $8 to show, or $10 win, $20 place, $40 show, etc.) Will also use the 2-4 in pick threes.
CHRISTINE SIXTEEN fits well here and could break through
Digging deeper: The 1 looks very salty here. Will wheel first and second in exactas and tris with the 3-6-7-8-9, but only if the price is 5-2 or higher. Will use all those in pick 3s.
DREAM PEARL disappointed in last but best puts her in this
Digging deeper: The 10 has never missed the board in 12 starts and has 7 wins. Last race was dull but best efforts would win this easily. Will play hard in the win/place end. Using 2-7-10 in pick 3s, and how about a backwheel on the tri using the 3 horse? 2-7-10 with 3 with all, 2-710 with all with 3.
PADDYS DAY is a win machine who will be tough to beat here
Digging deeper: The second Arabian stakes race of the night. The 5 and 7 look best, but we will go a little deeper in pick threes, adding the 1, 2, and 12 and hoping for an upset. Will also play tris with the 5-7 over the 1-2-5-7-12.
BETTER BELLE is one of two Calhoun runners who could take this
Digging deeper: If Bret Calhoun has a young, lightly raced horse with good works, you can usually take it to the bank. The problem is he has two here with the 6 and 3. We will just use both in the pick 3s and move on.
SAN ANTONIO STROLL disappointed in last but should bounce back
Digging deeper: Sometimes you get locked in on a horse and don’t want to miss it when the horse finally wins. This one showed talent early, got thrown to the wolves and did not embarrass. But the last race here was an absolute dude. Betting she bounces back with a big effort. Just to be safe will use the top 4 in pick 3s and will play her across the board at 3-1 or higher.
DESERT HARBOR will be a short price but hard to get past him
Digging deeper: This is a tough race to play. The be 2 is going to be a really short price and looks like the horse to beat. If you spread too deep here, you might be eating a 1-5 shot and losing money. I like the 1-4-5-6 as possibilities, but won’t be investing much here. Maybe use those five horses in pick 3s and play hard exactas with the 2 over 1-4-5-6 and hope for the best.
CAUSE I’M GOLD could take this with a cleaner trip
Digging deeper: Pretty good get-out race.The 2 had a rough trip in last, gets a good jockey this time and offers juicy value at 8-1. Will use the 1-2-4 in pick threes, but will also hit the 2 across the board pretty hard.

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