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Bones in the attic, Rockets close call, old people falling down and more: The update for March 7

Hi. Welcome to your new home. I'm the dead person who has been missing for years. (Actually, I am not. I am merely human remains from a google search to illustrate this story. But you get the idea. Seen one skeleton, seen 'em all).

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Disco Biscuit here. As previously mentioned, I live in Montrose, which used to be a lot weirder. Now it’s basically Midtown with more trees and roads that can’t keep up with the traffic that comes with townhomes, condos, and huge apartment complexes in a neighborhood built for bungalows and tiny apartment complexes. This is an irritating situation we all have to deal with. Please stop building these disgusting monstrosities. I am also the owner of a rabbit so if you have any questions about rodent ownership I’m your girl. And yes, I’m the proud mother of baby biscuit but please don’t ask me any child rearing questions as I am continuously baffled at how I have managed to not screw up her life… yet.

I’d like to go with a light feel good story to start Tuesday off. This weekend, human remains were found inside the wall of a house in The Heights. Now, the woman who owned the home had been missing for almost two years but neighbors didn’t report her missing until summer 2015. The crazy thing is, people have been in the house on multiple occasions to clean it, and to dispose of some dead cats – my guess is the smell of dead cats was probably masking the smell of the decaying corpse in the wall. Investigators aren’t yet sure if the bones are the woman’s but the fact that her red reading glasses were found next to them isn’t a great sign. You can rest assured I’ll be following this story. How did she die? Is foul play afoot or did she fall into a hole in the attic, get trapped in the wall, and die because no one heard her calls for help and she’s completely alone so no one thought to check on her as investigators have suggested? Maybe someone killed her, then disposed of her bones in the wall. This entire story has the makings of a very good Law and Order episode. Stay tuned!

Sports…The Rockets lost last night by 2 points to the Spurs. In typical Rockets fashion they got out to a hot start but couldn’t finish down the stretch. At this point, there’s no way they catch the Spurs for second in the west. Crazy stat of the night – in the four Rockets/Spurs game this season, games have been decided by a total of 12 points. I’m happy that the Rockets are playing better, more exciting basketball than last year’s abomination.

Everyone’s messing around and getting a triple double (shout Ice Cube). The NBA broke the record for triple-doubles in a season with over a month left to play.

If you’re into Rugby… the USA 7s team won bronze in the USA Sevens international tournament this past weekend. Baby Biscuit’s dad played rugby when we were in highschool, so even though I don’t understand as well as him, it’s a really fun sport to watch. It’s a great bar watching sport and they usually have it on at some of the pubs around town. Sevens has a faster pace than traditional, fifteen a side rugby. The next tournament is in Vancouver on March 11-March 12. Trust me, you won’t regret watching.

In case you missed it…A review of Southern Star’s Half Nelson IPA, a review of Galveston Bay Brewing’s Bull Shark, a nice story from Mike Lebischak on taking your kids to a concert, the Falcon’s Tuesday Sam Houston selections and a breakdown on the NFL salary cap, which is important because the legal tampering window starts today.

And finally…I’ve fallen and I can’t get up: If Life Alert doesn’t capitalize on this story for marketing purposes they’ve got to fire everyone and start over.


I was sitting in my cubicle and I realized, ever since I started working, every single day of my life has been worse than the day before it. So that means that every single day that you see me, that’s on the worst day of my life.”

– Peter Gibbons, Office Space


**EXCLUSIVE** Zac Efron enjoys some downtime skateboarding with a couple of friends along the  beach

Got your asses. Listen, on Tuesdays you’re going to get some Disco approved hotties like Mr Efron here every once in a while. Zac Efron is objectively hot with an amazing body so no whining, OK? Fred’s got some ladies writing for the site now, and I have to look out for my fellow lady readers. Also, anecdotally it makes me laugh because my next door neighbor texts me whenever Zac’s shirtless in a film with a time stamp. He hasn’t kept his shirt on for a movie in years – he is fully aware of why he keeps getting work.


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  1. ODonalsVanguard // March 7, 2017 at 1:26 pm // Reply

    Excellent daily update.


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