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Screw QB: Texans need to focus on the running game


I do not believe in Bill O’Brien.  O’Brien has not shown me anything from an offensive (passing) point of view.  Currently, Houston’s fan base is crying for a QB.  The only problem is every single available QB option is questionable.  It boggles the mind. Houston has watched O’Brien screw up three consecutive years with quarterbacks and fans still believe in his offensive prowess.  

Even his decision to hire his buddy George Godsey — who cannot find an offensive job in the league — was also a screw up.  The only thing I can give O’Brien (offensively) credit for is realizing there are these things called tight ends and sometimes a QB can throw the ball to them.

The Houston QB situation will be an issue during the duration of O’Brien’s tenure.  If I were the Texans, between the draft and free agency, I would focus on the running game.  Some may like to believe the Texans have a quality stable, but they do not.  It can be improved.  I am not only talking about running backs specifically, but the offensive line as well.  

If you think about it, the focus should be on the running game with this defense.   The Texans defense is decent and would only get better with a legit running game and there will be many options available.

The Texans need to do what they do best, mess up at QB and devote resources elsewhere.


1 Comment on Screw QB: Texans need to focus on the running game

  1. I agree with the premise, but not necessarily the reasoning. OB has won with a crappy offensive line. Duane Brown is the only starter that would hold the same position with another team. Last year’s 2nd rounder, Nick Martin, remains an unknown quantity. Chris Clark, Derek Newton, Jeff Allen, et al have provided a bit more resistance than a paper Mache wall would on the right side of the line.

    OB has won with a variety of different quarterbacks. He has to be given credit for that. As far as the “guru” title, he had Brady to work with. I think anyone could have gotten that right. He has been a steady coach that has consistently won. Does that win championships? Probably not, but it does keep butts in the seats.

    The easiest critique of this team is that they don’t seem to have a plan. We know the Packers are going to build through the draft. Same with the Steelers. We know the Patriots are going to win with overachievers and the successful refurbishment of veterans that have been thrown on the scrap pile. The Texans seem to start from scratch every year, and that is the problem more than anything. What is Texan’s football? What is the attitude of the organization? Well, Texans football means 8-8 or 9-7, with a minimum of two stupid losses a year. The organization’s attitude seems to be ” we’re all proper-behaving, god-fearing family men that always say the most vanilla thing imaginable.” If anything, one has to root for OB because he seems to be the only cat over there that has some fire in his belly.

    The Godsey experiment was indeed a failure. That being said, he was tendered an offer by Alabama to work with Sarkisian on the offense, and has just joined the staff of the Detroit Lines. He never should have been the Texns’ OC.

    Give the Texans’ a line that can protect a qb, and they will improve. Until then, it will be more of the same old crap.


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