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Local media shut up, Rick Smith won, goodbye Osweiler and more: The update for March 10


Yesterday, The Houston Texans pulled off an unprecedented trade by NFL standards.   Houston’s fan base did not see a way to get from underneath Brock Osweiler’s contract, but the Texans did.  They traded Osweiler to the Cleveland Browns; the Browns absorbed Osweiler’s contract and the Texans received and surrendered a few draft picks.

Since the possibility of the Texans losing A.J. Bouye in free agency became a topic, I’ve said for all the crap Rick Smith receives, he is relatively decent with defensive backs.   In other words, Bouye is a social security number that can be easily replaced.    

As usual, there was a ton of misreporting from the national media; the retweets were lovely.  As a fan and twitter fanatic, I must crawl through the crap while dodging fake accounts for substance.  

While observing the first day of NFL free agency, I realized one of the NCAA’s biggest days (conference tournaments) was a back story if a story at all.  The NFL continues to display they can grab the shine at will.



  • Rick Smith can trade the most untradeable quarterbacks.  Smith has traded at least three quarterbacks I thought were impossible to get anything for: Matt Schaub, Case Keenum and Osweiler.  I still cannot even fully understand how Rick maneuvered the Osweiler trade which leads me to the media.


  • The media does not know as much as they portray to their audience.  For as much as I follow the media, I was surprised “trading for a contract” was not even an option.  Hindsight, the deal between the Texans and Browns seems like common sense and everyone will act like it is routine but it’s not; while at the same using time trigger words like innovative or NBA Like.  The truth is, they do not know and they are winging it and making stuff up as they go.  After a 24-hour period of researching and gathering thoughts from national media, they will be ready to present it to their local audience.


  • Everyone seems to praising both teams for the trade. The common thought is both teams won in the deal.  As a Texan fan, I clearly see how the Texans won, not sure about the Browns.  The Browns have a ton of salary cap money.  The belief is Browns had to spend money or face action from the NFL.  It all makes sense until you realize we do not even know what the punitive measures are for not exhausting the Salary Cap Floor is.  No one explained the Salary Cap floor because we never seen it in the modern NFL era.


I would like to know what punitive actions the Browns would have faced if they were out of compliance with the NFL’s minimum spending rules.  I doubt it will be explained.

It’s nice to see Rick Smith appreciated in Houston but the voice of reality tells me in a few weeks, trading Osweiler was Bill O’Brien’s idea.

In case you missed it...Fred Faour weighed in on the Osweiler move…So did Brien O’Donal.

Liar, liar, pants on fire: Arson trial. Flames. An attorney. What could go wrong?


“You don’t see with your eyes. You see with your brain. And the more words your brain has the more things you can see.”

– KRS One




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