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Can Twitter Ban Donald Trump?


For twenty months, the world has accepted Donald Trump’s tweeting.  If you were to look at the numbers, it wouldn’t appear Trump tweets a lot.  He has less than 40,000 tweets.  For a troll like me, it is low but for the Leader of the Free World and celebrity, it’s a lot.

One thing everyone seems to agree on, Trump needs to stop or reduce his tweeting.  We all know it’s not only Trump but a team with access to his account.  There are times, Trump is attending live events and his Twitter handle is still active.

Before the election, I did not see a problem with a guy monitoring the media and rapidly responding via Twitter.  It was a little odd for a guy of his status but not bad.  After he was elected, I thought he would use Twitter the way Franklin D. Roosevelt used radio (a relatively new technology) in the 30s as a vehicle to communicate with the American people via Fireside Chats.  I was wrong; he is using it to communicate with American citizens, praise achievements and blast foes on spot.

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All of this got me to thinking: what if Twitter banned President Trump?  Based upon what liberals consider bullying or cyber bullying, he would certainly pass muster.  If Twitter banned Trump, they would be praised by peons who don’t know the game.  The ban would have a two possibly, three-day shelf life in media and late night talk shows.  The jokes and memes would flow.  Eventually Facebook would do the same.


For as much as everyone complains about Trump’s tweeting; the reality is they would never suspend his accounts.  Not because he’s the President, but because Trump is a meal ticket for them and many news outletsl ad Late night Talk Shows.  A part of me thinks not only do the media and social media like it, they would like more.

Donald Trump’s tweets make news.  News media wake up in the morning just to see what Trump tweeted and it becomes a story.  The days of doing real leg work are over; just put in a Trump Twitter search or Google Alert and you have your story.

A lot of people in media and entertainment who are appalled by Trump, have careers that are being revived or made due to his Presidency.  Trump is their golden ticket.

Lastly, if Twitter banned Trump, Trump would throw temper tantrum but you know who would be even more upset?  The Media and Late Night Talk Shows.

It would be interesting to see My Bookie odds of Trump getting banned on Twitter.


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