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Sam Houston Race Park selections for Monday, March 13 with additional analysis not found on the free tip sheet

How to use the picks: These are the same picks you can get on the free tip sheet available  at and on track. They are not meant to necessarily be in exact order, but more an opinion on likely winners.  I am assuming you have some knowledge or have listened to Acing Racing 2016.  We give a little more detail here than what you get on the tip sheet and throw in a few potential plays. Only two days left in the thoroughbred meet. It has been a profitable one for us despite a bad Saturday night but hopefully we finish strong.

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UNCLE DROSSEL could surprise at a decent price
Digging deeper: Should be enough pace here to set up a closing run from the 4. Will play him across the board and use him in exactas and tris first and second with the 1-2-3-5-9. Toss in the 7 in third on trifecta plays.
DEVILISH MENHAL was close against a better group in last
Digging deeper:I like going deep in this one in pick 3s…using 3-4-6-7-9. Might get bold in doubles and pick 3s and single the 4 in race 1 with these five horses.
SASSY SAM is 0 for 20 but has hit the board 10 times
Digging deeper: Think you are covered in the pick 3 if you use the four inside horses. Will also play a weighted bet on the 1 across the board, doubling place and show. For instance, $10 to win, $20 to place, $40 to show. Smaller bankrolls can go 2/4/8, etc.
SPEIGHTSFIRE will have to navigate a tough post but should be in the mix
Digging deeper: The 12 is a standout here, but the outside post is a great equalizer. It’s a weird race in that you either single the 12 or go 7-8 deep. Probably sitting this one out.
RH IS A RUNNER has been in sharp form
Digging deeper: Getting a lot of Delta runners making their SHRP debut today, including the 5. Most of these horses do well at SHRP, but some the form simply does not transfer. This guy should be in the mix, and there are a lot of horses to play him with in exactas and trifectas — 2-3-4-7-8-9-10. Might be able to catch a nice one with a solid investment.
RUMPOLE looks tough in this spot
Digging deeper: The 4 is going to be a very short price but looks like a stone runner and has already dusted most of these. Hard exactas 2 over the 3-4 should get you home. Single in all vertical wagers.
BRAVURA needed last and should improve
Digging deeper: Bret Calhoun has two serious contenders in the 5 and 6. Of the two, the 5 has the most room for improvement after chasing a runaway monster in last. Will play trifectas with the 5 over 1-3-6 with all and hope we can get a price on the bottom. Tossing in the 3, whose recent form is not great but he has some big wins over this surface in the past. If playing pick 3s, use the 1-3-5-6, then play a second ticket singling the 5.
I FORGOT ITS NAME should be in the mix
Digging deeper: The 3 should be controlling speed and will be tough to catch. But a decent price play to throw in the mix might be the 7, who was not all that far behind the 3 in last and has every right to improve. Looking at 3-7-9 in  the pick threes.
FONDA CARLOS was close at Delta and might break through
Digging deeper: Three straight thirds at Delta for the 8 horse, who should move up in this spot. Small win/place play at 5-2 or higher.
KITCHEN BOSS should be in the mix here
Digging deeper: You won’t get much of a price on the 3 horse here, but the race sets up for his closing kick and both starts here have been strong. Playing to win at 9-5 or higher and singling in late pick 3s and 4s.
Digging deeper: The 9 looks tough here. Will play across the board.

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