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Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio has no clue about the Houston Texans; Know-it-all Owen Daniels


I have listened to the lawyer on various radio shows in Houston.  I am talking about Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio.  I cannot lie,;I do not trust the dude’s football knowledge based upon some things he said on air.  In all honesty, I have reduced him to football gossip. He expands on stories that have already been broken and media classify them as Breaking News

Fast Forward:  Florio opined on the Bill O’Brien and Brock Osweiler feud that is two months old after the Texans released Osweiler.  I didn’t have to read the details of the article to know it was full of crap based upon the title “Week 17 Altercation was the last straw for Texans and Osweiler.”

If Week 17 was the final straw as Florio says, why would the Texans start  Osweiler in the Patriots playoff game over the Back Up QB Tom Savage who was cleared to play?   

Unlike the lawyer from West Virginia, I believe the Texans decision to explore other QB future options was made when O’Brien benched Osweiler against the Jacksonville Jaguars the week prior to the Titan;s game.  The detailed skirmish was nothing more than a hot head O’Brien and a QB arguing.

It’s a slow period and I believe the media blew the story up more than what it was.  The Texans have nothing to gain from smearing Osweiler after the fact when the consensus is unanimous he played awful.

Owen Daniels

Last week, out of nowhere, I started hearing rumblings from Owen Daniels.  Daniels is a former tight end for the Texans in addition to being a former teammate of Osweiler in Denver. Between tweets and a radio hit on 610, I could easily sense, Daniels is sympathetic to Osweiler and may have some bad blood with Texans for the way he was released.  At the time, I didn’t think much of it.

Over the weekend, all hell broke loose and everyone was quoting an “anonymous source” detailing a skirmish between O’Brien and Osweiler.  The weirdest part about the skirmish — on air, it felt like the story was being explained from a Brock’s point of view.  

This could be one huge freaking coincidence or you could use common sense and figure out where this information is coming from.

I am not a fan of O’Brien but I see no reason for O’Brien or the Texans to kick Osweiler while he’s down.  It makes no sense.


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