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Sam Houston Race Park selections for Tuesday, March 14 with additional analysis not found on the free tip sheet

How to use the picks: These are the same picks you can get on the free tip sheet available  at and on track. They are not meant to necessarily be in exact order, but more an opinion on likely winners.  I am assuming you have some knowledge or have listened to Acing Racing 2016.  We give a little more detail here than what you get on the tip sheet and throw in a few potential plays. A good day on Monday sets us up for the final day of the meet. A few money making possibilities today and a few races that are probably worth passing on. Good luck.

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LODI STREET has been knocking heads with tough company in Louisiana
Digging deeper: The 2 looks best, but this race has several potential winners. We will use the 2-3-5-6-7-9 in the doubles and pick 3s and start a second one using the 2 again to double up if he wins.
WELL SPUN has one puzzling race in four starts but other three could take this
Digging deeper: The 3 will take a lot of money, but prefer the 4 and 5 and will use those two in the doubles and pick 3s.


CABERNEIGH is usually in the mix and might finally break through today
Digging deeper: The 1 has been consistent all meet but has not been able to get over the top. This race is full of need-the-lead types, and he is a stone closer who should be in the mix late.
The entry looks extremely tough in this spot
Digging deeper:  Both halves of the Broberg entry look like absolute standouts, and they should finish 1-2 if they both go. No value in the 1-2 morning line odds, however. So passing on this one. Single if you are playing the pick 4.
PURE BINGO looks like another short priced winner
Digging deeper:  Another where you have what looks like a standout at a short price. The 7 chased the 8 home last time and could turn the tables with some racing luck, and the 3 might improve with the switch to the lawn, but I would not go nuts trying to beat the 8. Maybe 3-7-8 to start pick 3s.
BUCK FIFTY could surprise here at a decent price
Digging deeper: The 1 has been very salty with three wins in his last four starts. The only loss was against a very strong group in Louisiana. Will play across the board and wheel in exactas with the 3-4-5.
BLEU BRAVE is a solid turf veteran
Digging deeper: We are going to go short in pick 3s and 4s here, using the 2 and 7 in the vertical wagers. Will also play both to win and place.
MR JANIMAL might be ready for a breakthrough
Digging deeper: Will toss the 9 in pick 3s and fours. Will also play the 1 across the board and trifectas 1 with 2-3-8-9 with all, 2-3-8-9 with 1 with all.
DUKE OF KENT should be right there in the hunt again
Digging deeper:  The 8 has been solid in all three starts this meet and is worth a weighted across the board play for whatever your bankroll is. For instance, $2 to win, $4 to place, $8 to show, $10/$20/$40 etc…
ROYAL KATE might be ready to go in debut
Digging deeper: Like the idea of a backwheel using the 7 in second and third with the 1-2-3-4 on top and all in second and third and will go for a score.


ATLANTICO NORTE is in very sharp form right now and the price is right
Digging deeper: Will try to get out with a solid win/place bet on the No. 7.

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