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ESPN 97.5 uncensored, Rockets, NCAA, David Carr is alive? And more: The update for March 17

Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is a frequent contributor to the site, including the Friday updates.


I was all set to flow with another article and then uncensored happened.  Earlier in the week, Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman explained (The Blitz), Thursday and Friday would be stream only because of the NCAA Tournament games.  I figured, cool, they may take the stick out of their ass and loosen up a bit.   

Not only did they take the stick out of their ass, ESPN 97.5 stuck the stick in my ass.  All of the weekly shows were uncensored.  

On-air personalities language is tightly monitored therefore in normal situations, they are relatively clean.

Fred had some reservations in regards to the ratings earlier in the week.  He believed their ratings would take a hit without them on terrestrial radio.  Judging by today’s show, that went out the window for Fred eight minutes into the Blitz.  


Raheel Ramzanali and John Granato got it started, I had no idea “uncensored” included them and to be completely honest, I forgot all about it.  Granato dropped his first “F Bomb” at 9:08 AM and it was on throughout the day.  Raheel and John quickly acclimated to “guy talk” and it felt natural.   As they were about to pass it on to the next show, during cross talk, Barry Laminack introduced his true self.

Barry and Joel grabbed the baton, and Barry immediately went in to his comedic form.  Barry is a professional comic so uncensored radio was like riding a bike for him.   About an hour in, it felt like Joel was trying to stay clean but he eventually let loose.  Barry was the Rock star to this point until they handed it off to the Blitz.

I was fully expecting AJ to dominate the Blitz Uncensored, but AJ was AJ.  The Blitz’s audience is no stranger to hearing AJ.  AJ likes to press the show as far he’s allowed to go within FCC constraints.   AJ freelanced all the shows and seemed the most comfortable.

The Finisher was Fred Faour. I am not sure if Fred had 1 or 100 drinks but he was floating and feeling good.  Multiple periods, Fred said things that made AJ pump the brakes.  AJ usually makes Fred uncomfortable.  Fred released the yeast infected Falcon on Blitz Uncensored.

As I was working in my yard, I was laughing my ass off with my headphones on.  My wife asked “why are you laughing so hard” as I leaned against the patio unable to drink. I couldn’t explain it to her.


If you did not hear ESPN 97.5 uncensored, you missed a gem and hopefully you will hear it in the future. (They are doing it again today).

Bravo Zalu for ESPN 97.5.   I enjoyed the day.

Let’s face it, it’s talk radio, if you are a faithful sports and talk radio junky, you enjoy hearing pro athletes and on-air personalities in their natural state.


Basketball, basketball and more basketball, check out Barry Laminack’s latest piece on the Houston Rockets and NCAA Tournament.

In the WTF category, David Carr analyzed Houston Texans QB situation, yes David Carr! The Texans QB who put the “s” in suck. Miss me.


“If I’m not for myself, who will be for me?

If I’m not for others, what am I?

If not now, when?”

— Rabbi Hellil



2 Comments on ESPN 97.5 uncensored, Rockets, NCAA, David Carr is alive? And more: The update for March 17

  1. The uncensored shows are awesome. Can you imagine in 10 years this will probably be the norm?


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