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A “beef” over Texas barbecue


One of the most common debates a Texan will encounter with a Non-Texan is barbecue.  Guns, football and barbecue are religions in Texas.  If you talk barbecue with a Texan, you better know what you are talking about or you will encounter legit BEEF.

The only states or cities allowed to challenge Texas in barbecue are:  North Carolina, St Louis, and Memphis.  Outside of those three, everyone else is trolling.

Last week, showcased a local restaurant in Brooklyn, NY with the following tweet.


Cute. The hell is going on here, a pot roast?  That hideous slab of meat doesn’t even have a smoke ring.  I read the article and it’s harmless.  I watched the video and continued laughing as he slopped barbecue sauce all over his meat.  Apparently, a business owner visited Texas and decided to take the idea back to New York.  Nice, however you don’t learn to throw down on the pit with a couple of visits.  


A few things to know about Texas Barbecue.  Texas is primarily known for its beef next to sausage.  We will barbecue anything but usually beef is the main course.  If I’m not mistaken, Texas was the first of the barbecue locations to incorporate beef in barbecue. Lastly, a lot of Texans look down on people who cook with barbecue sauce.  There is nothing wrong with barbecue sauce but you shouldn’t cook with it.  It should be requested as a condiment.  Barbecuing with sauce is like a hunter bragging about his or her trophies from a damn zoo.

It’s all fun and games but what I have come to realize, most people outside of Texas argue commercial barbecue.  When Texans (those of us who barbecue) discuss barbecue, we are talking about everything.  We are talking about backyards.  One of the reasons Texans are critical about barbecue establishments is because just about every Texan is a professional and judges harshly.


1 Comment on A “beef” over Texas barbecue

  1. Awesome column. Another element that they will never understand in New York is that a barbecue is a thing beyond food. You never have a barbecue by yourself. You have family or friends. You associate it with being in the yard or tailgating at some event. It is an event that general has a very loose time allotment, and begs for stories, laughs and a good time all around.
    BTW, spot on with beef. We can leave the pigs to those middle states.


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