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Spring fever, Rockets win, and some gambling madness: The update for March 21


Editor’s note: Disco Biscuit is a frequent contributor to the site. She is in charge of the Tuesday updates. Follow her on Twitter @discobiscuit127 


I don’t know about y’all, but I’m ready for Spring. Spring in Houston is the best season. It’s warm by most cities’ standards but we haven’t hit that oppressive smog of a Houston summer yet. You know what I’m talking about. Summer in Houston is so disgusting it’s like you’re walking around in a cloud of, well… you.

But back to spring. This is the best time. We get more sun than the winter, and the temps are usually somewhere in the 80’s. And something about an 80 degree day in March is more palatable than an 80 degree day in January or February. So I’ve compiled a list of some of my personal favorite patio bars and Ice Houses in the city. If you live outside of Houston, these might be the perfect excuse to get your butt out here for the day. All of these are kid friendly also.

West Alabama Ice House – DUH. Everyone knows about West Alabama Ice House. This is my favorite place to take the kiddo and the dogs. There’s a great food truck in the washateria parking lot across the street that serves some of the best street tacos I’ve ever had. It’s located entirely outdoors and their “cooling system” is three misting fans, so it can be a real struggle in the dead of summer when it’s 150 degrees outside but in this weather it’s PERFECT. They only have beer and wine here, but their beer selection is pretty great for your standard ice house. It’s HUGE with a front and back patio. They’ve also got ping pong, a basketball hoop, cornhole, and that game where you try to get the circle thing attached to a rope to get stuck on a peg. This is also a great place to ride a bike – motor OR cycle. An added bonus is that they’ll do crawfish during the season.

Christians – Downtown, Midtown, Heights –  Personally I prefer the downtown Christians because I can get there by train. They also have a good sized patio and the inside is HUGE. I’ve spent probably $100 in the pop a shot game at the Studemont Christians.

The Patio – formerly “Jackson’s Watering Hole” – The Patio is actually owned by the Pit Room so a HUGE plus here is that you can get their BBQ next door and eat it outside while watching games on all of their TVs – a big plus during the first weekend of the tournament. The food is insanely good. Like, so good.

Cedar Creek – This will be the only place on this list located in the Heights. I don’t live in the Heights so I don’t really go there very often and I don’t drink and drive. Cedar Creek is huge. Their back deck is probably bigger than like three restaurants put together and they’ve got an actual creek running through it – they don’t care if the kids mess around down there either.

8th Wonder Brewery – 8th Wonder doesn’t have my favorite beer, far from it actually. But they’ve got my favorite brewery experience. It’s filled with old Houston Memorobilia and it’s spacious inside and out. A huge plus here is the Eatsie Boys food truck. I’ve been eating Eatsie Boys since they started – it’s where Disco Biscuit was born and I still shed a tear when I pass their old brick and mortar location on Montrose, but the truck is always parked outside the brewery.

Moontower Inn – You simply can’t go wrong with craft beer and wild game hot dogs. Also located exclusively outdoors, Moontower is in East Downtown and is a great place to stop in while you’re out riding bikes or just to chill with friends. Baby Biscuit and I go here often with friends because we can relax around the picnic tables while she runs around in the open field. It gets unbelievably hot during the summer, so it’s the perfect spring place. They’ve also got a movie night on Tuesday – where BB saw the movie “Grandmas Boy” at the age of 2, not my proudest moment as a mother. Oh and FYI you’re really not supposed to have kids there after dark so it’s a day time locale for sure.

I’m always looking for a new spot to check out so let me know if you guys have any favorite places.

March Madness update – I can’t really provide much in depth analysis. I encourage you to check out Fred and AJ on the Blitz for that sort of thing. What I will tell you is that while I do very little gambling on college basketball (it’s usually reserved for football season for me) I did have USC to cover against Baylor Sunday night. With a meaningless last second put back jumper I won some dough. (You too can make these sorts of misguided life decisions on promo code Fred50). That was honestly the most exciting part of the weekend for me.

Rockets Win The Rockets win another close one last night at home against the Nuggets. Harden had 39 points including this amazing coast to coast lay up for the win. Just MVP stuff, no biggie.

In case you missed itthe beef is real with Texas BBQ. I’m not worried about these New Yorkers – remember when they put peas in guacamole? When we visited New York, I watched a Texans game at one of the bars with a group of Texans fans displaced up north. All they talked about the whole time is how they can’t even get queso right in NY, so I’m surprised they’re even trying with BBQ. Also, an update about the Texans (lack of) free agency signings, and a fun story about Astros fandom.

Quote of the day

Science has never drummed up quite as effective a tranquilizing agent as a sunny spring day.

-W. Earl Hall

Hottie of the day


I googled hot gardeners and this came up. I just don’t think this technique is practical. You’re supposed to be watering the ROOTS lady!




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  1. Good Write up DB , goodness we don’t even agree on weather. I HATE the heat


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