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Busted brackets, busted lent, shame bells, passing out drunk and all kinds of awesomeness: The update for March 22

Editor’s note: HOLLY XO has her own awesome football website, She’s funny, brilliant and fearless. She knows the NFL as well as anyone and loves her Eagles. She is a Roc The Mic finalist and has a great future in media. Follow her on Twitter at xoholly. You can learn more about her and the rest of the Sports and Stuff team here.
Here’s an actual look at my weekend…
(Okay that’s obviously not really me because I’d never wear those shoes with that outfit, but she does favor me a bit).
I may or may not have relapsed on lent. This is me trying to be your support coach and remind you that we all accidentally give in to temptation. BUT. Don’t be like me because I also forgot how amazing vodka tastes and decided maybe I’ll try giving up booze again never. Too early to shame bell myself?
Bracket BS: Since we’re talking real life.. Here’s an updated picture of my now VERY screwed bracket for all of you March Madness freaks. (With a touch of Houston humor of course).
unnamed (1)
Maybe now y’all will agree with me that the Jayhawks have a chance to win it all. Or you could just click here for more March Madness updates.
News around the world… Well not really, just baseball: In case you’re getting tired of the college hoops upsets, I’m here to inform you that there’s more than just the usual excitement of $1 hot dog night taking over baseball. I’m not really one to watch this sport on TV but I have to admit, there’s some damn good ball being played. Puerto Rico is killing it right now and heading back to the championship game. No, I did’t watch the whole game but, you too can be a cheater like me and catch the highlights.
Blast from the… last month: Since there’s absolutely NOTHING football happening right now, I decided to take us for a short walk down memory lane. Remember that one time when the Falcons blew that 25 point lead in just 18 minutes?
unnamed (2)
Shame bell No.1
Next time you’re in line paying $17.82 at Starbucks for your coffee, remember that there’s a coffee shop where the women serve you caffeine and calories half naked. Granted you may have to endure some annoying women’s rights BS, at least the there’s a good chance you catch a nip slip. Here’s to (yet again) taking “women’s rights” to the extreme…
Shame bell No. 2
I recently met a guy who argued with me about 610 versus 97.5. Let’s just say he ended up like the last guy who tried to argue QB’s with me… Alone and without my phone number.
In case you forgot who gets the most listeners and clearly kicks way more ass, the line up is linked here. If you don’t listen to all of the guys throughout the day, this shame bell is for you and my last numberless victim.
Shame bell No. 3

“If at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again.”
– William Edward Hickson (later remixed by Aaliyah)
unnamed (3)

(Because I’m still googling “chicks passed out at parties” to make sure there’s no leaked photos of me floating around).


3 Comments on Busted brackets, busted lent, shame bells, passing out drunk and all kinds of awesomeness: The update for March 22

  1. Nice read, love the G.O.T. references, and of course the pics. 👍


  2. Legit laughing my ass off at the drunk female caption


  3. You had Villanova in the Final Four but Duke in the Championship game? Couldn’t make up your mind, could ya?


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