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Chappelle then and now, USA Wins WBC, A hot(ish) but rapey teacher and more: This Is Your March 23 Update

I know what you’re thinking. It’s Thursday so it’s Barry’s turn and since he’s a comedian, and yesterday Dave Chappelle dropped two new specials on Netflix, I bet he says something about them.


Lets start with my thoughts on both specials. In a word, superlative.

Now I’ll admit that over the past 12 plus years, while people have been anointing him a comedy god (I feel like more people know of him from his show (The Chappelle Show) than his stand-up, but I digress), I was on the fence about his greatness. And sure, I think his show was one of the best sketch shows of all time, but I never considered him among the truly iconic in the stand-up world.

Good? Yes.

Great? Sure.

Iconic? Naw.

Mind you, I’ve watched and have been a fan of his since 1992 when I saw him on Def Comedy Jam (Yeah, surprise, he didn’t just hit it big when his show ran. He’s been a stand-up for a long time). This is still one of my all time favorite sets from the entire Def Comedy Jam series. Want more old school Chappelle? This is Dave back in 1993 (he’s come a long way, baby).

But after these 2 specials even I have to admit that he’s close to icon status. Real close. If he can produce specials like this for the next few years, I think he’ll cement himself as one of the true icons of comedy.

And as good as these two specials were, apparently not everyone was a fan.
This tweet perfectly sums up my thought on the above link.

Also, just to put a sports twist on this: So far in the Spring of 2017 Dave Chappelle has now dropped more specials (2) than the Texans have signed free agents (0). And no, Griffin doesn’t count, he was already here.


There were some pretty good story lines from last night’s WBC championship game. The U.S. beat Puerto Rico 8-0 behind a dominant outing by Marcus Stroman. He no-hit a STOUT Puerto Rican line-up through 6 innings and left in the bottom of the 7th after giving up a lead-off hit.

Stroman was awarded the MVP of the WBC, but that honor should have gone to Adam Jones.

Also, if you missed it, Stroman chose to play for the U.S. even though he had contemplated playing for Puerto Rico to honor his mom who was born there. More here.

And in a nice show of class, the Puerto Rican team stayed after the game and watched (and applauded) as the Americans celebrated on the field. Then, both sides shook hands, hugged and talked – something you don’t see often in baseball after a game.


LaVar Ball is the Skip Bayless of nobodies. Just a dude who says a lot of sh– for attention.
That’s it. No link. No diatribe. Just that.

This teacher looks way too happy for a statutory rapist who just caught a case…ALLEGEDLY!

Here’s 10 minutes of accidental penis news bloopers. Go ahead, watch it, you’ve got nothing better to do.

If you’re looking for a kick ass night out, our good friends from Twelve Years Driven have a big show coming up Saturday. Check them out for some great local rock.


“The idea of being courageous is that even though you’re scared, you just do the right thing anyway.”

– Dave Chappelle



(I googled “hot teacher” and this is what I found, amongst other “stuff”)

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4 Comments on Chappelle then and now, USA Wins WBC, A hot(ish) but rapey teacher and more: This Is Your March 23 Update

  1. Jason "Doc" Manley // March 23, 2017 at 12:14 pm // Reply

    Nice article Barry…. You have yet to disappoint, whether here or on the radio!


  2. Patrick Randel // March 23, 2017 at 5:17 pm // Reply

    Fantastic article! Keep up the great work!


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