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O’Brien contract extension talks are actually good news

So twitter was in an uproar because Bob McNair said he would talk extension with Bill O’Brien next year.

The reality for Texans fans: This is good news. It means McNair recognizes that O’Brien might not be a good coach. That this season is critical for his future employment,

O’Brien — who is a narcissistic bully who sucks as an offensive genius — is now on notice.

If next year is a failure, the Texans will move on. And they should. Another 9-7 would be a disaster. McNair is giving both parties an out.

O’Brien has had his people leak stories for months in a bid to get more power. His ego can’t accept that he has not earned it. Go 12-4 and make the AFC title game? Absolutely. So 9-7 again in a crap division? He should be fired. O’Brien is a bad play caller and an awful judge of offense. The Texans should be ready to move on. If he does not have a stellar season, they will. And they should.

McNair’s comments on the surface support O’Brien. But the reality is the bully is on notice. Kick somebody’s ass. Or quit talking and we move on.

This is good news for Texans fans.


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