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Now that Romo appears to be out of play, what’s next for the Texans?

According to a report, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will retire to pursue a career in broadcasting. Romo is expected to be released by the team today.

It was widely expected the Texans and Broncos were going to pursue Romo. In fact, the Texans entire offseason plan appeared to revolve around landing Romo. Now, it is back to square zero.

For Romo, it clearly comes down to health. He could easily get a lucrative TV job a year or two down the road. But the injuries that have plagued him in recent years obviously took a toll. (Of course, this is still just a “report,” and Romo might change his mind). But as of now, it looks like he is no longer a possibility for Houston. For Cowboys fan, this is the best possible result. You don’t have to watch Romo lead another team to a Super Bowl, especially if Dak Prescott struggles in year 2.

As for the Texans…So what now? Going with Tom Savage means another year of spinning their wheels at the position. Savage has been ineffective when he has been on the field, which has not been very often due to injuries. Simply put, he is not good and he can’t stay healthy. Other than that…

The Texans will try to sell you on Savage, but trust what you saw on the field. And remember, they tried to sell you on Ryan Fitzpatrick. And Brian Hoyer. And Ryan Mallett. And Brock Osweiler. And now Tom Savage. Good luck with that.

So what are the other options?

Investing a high pick might pay off down the road, but it is unlikely any of the quarterbacks will be ready to perform at a high level next year — if ever. It simply is not a good class. Deshaun Watson might be a player, but he will be long gone by pick 25 and the Texans have never been bold enough to move up in the draft.

The simple fact is there is no viable answer for the Texans now. The best option might be trading for an A.J. McCarron, Jimmy Garappolo or Brett Hundley — all quarterbacks they could have drafted — but there are no guarantees any of them will be any better than this year’s mediocre draft class.

Romo would have been a short term fix, and it is no lock he would have stayed healthy long enough to be a factor. But at least there would have been hope for the fan base.

Now it appears the 9-7 train is back at the station. Barring a miracle, Texans fans already know how next season ends. The team will never develop beyond where it is without a quarterback, and there do not appear to be any viable options left. It is hard to get behind a team that has talent but a limited ceiling due to the lack of ability at the most important position on the field.

In short, the Texans are where they have been for most of their existence, save a brief run from Matt Schaub — trying to find “the guy” at quarterback.

It does not appear it will be Romo. We know it is not Savage. And whoever it is likely to be simply is not going to be good enough to improve this team.

It’s a familiar refrain with the Texans, one the fans know all too well.


3 Comments on Now that Romo appears to be out of play, what’s next for the Texans?

  1. Until they kick-off in week one this saga is not over. This could just be another ploy to get some interest in him.


  2. Joseph McFadden // April 4, 2017 at 3:37 pm // Reply

    Fred, do you not think Cutler is an option?


  3. Any chance Cutler or Kap is given a look? I know they are what they are but they seem to at least both be an upgrade over Savage even if only by a small amount.


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