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Westbrook…Harden…Westbrook…Harden…MVP is a moving target


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There is no getting away from the NBA’s MVP discussion.  There is only one other time in recent years I can remember the public changing their minds every game.  The last time it got this crazy was James Harden vs. Steph Curry.

I hate the MVP discussion but I have noticed a lot of people flipping their MVP standards.

Three years ago, when the Houston Texans J.J. Watt had a historical season by defensive player, everyone said “Aaron Rodgers should win because his team was better and the Texans didn’t make the playoffs.”  I thought it was a dumb argument but OK.   Aaron didn’t do anything I’ve never seen before; he had good numbers for a QB.  

Fast forward three years, I am being told Russell Westbrook is the MVP because he is doing something no one has ever done and he got his team to the playoffs. He’s averaging a Triple Double.  

Not only is it a contradiction but to include the NBA’s playoffs as a key point is crazy.  Over half of the NBA makes the playoffs versus a fraction in the NFL.

If I am applying the “old” frame of thought, James Harden should win the MVP hands down. However, in today’s sports climate, the goalpost is always moving

James Harden has taken a team many had losing at least 40 games to the No. 3 seed.  If I wasn’t lazy and researched, I am sure everyone had the Thunder better than the Rockets before the season.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter because neither team will win the ultimate award.


1 Comment on Westbrook…Harden…Westbrook…Harden…MVP is a moving target

  1. Clayton mabin // April 6, 2017 at 6:54 pm // Reply

    Harden won’t win the MVP award because he isn’t a media darling like Westbrook and Curry. Two seasons ago, pro Curry voters said Harden had the better statistical season; however, Currys team had the better record. Now, Harden’s team has won eight more games but it’s all about Westbrook’s triple double stats chase that makes the difference. Anyway, great regular season James, and get fired up for the playoffs!


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