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Astros, the Masters, big butts and more: The update for April 10

Editor’s note: Neal Farmer is Executive Director of the Touchdown Club, a former reporter for the Houston Chronicle and an all around good guy. He does the Monday updates.

I have seen walk-off homers (in 2017, see George Springer’s best dinger against Kansas City), and I have seen walk-off singles that scored a winning run from third. I have even seen long sacrifice flies to the outfield that plated a winning run.
But I cannot remember ever seeing a walk-off walk in a pro game.
With all of the horsepower that the Houston Astros have in their lineup, and with all the hitting that has yet to pony-up for that lineup so far this year, it seemed appropriate that Evan Gattis drew a bases-loaded walk in the 12th inning to win Sunday’s game against Kansas City.
If I were the Royals, I would not come out for the postgame press conference out of embarrassment. If I were the Astros, I would do the same thing.
The Astros were built to pound the ball and club opponents into submission. The pitching was suspect entering the season. But the bats are struggling and it has been the pitching that has carried the club to a decent 4-3 start. With starter Collin McHugh out for six weeks with an injury, pitching will be at a premium.

It’s early and anything can still happen. But baseball is a harsh mistress, and Houston ‘s bats are going to have to start clubbing fairly soon.
ASTROS RECORD FROM THE CHRONICLE FROM SUNDAY’S WIN: George Springer became the first player to have three leadoff home runs in his team’s first seven games to begin a season, and his four homers in the first seven games ties a club mark held by Preston Wilson (2006), Lance Berkman (2002, 2006) and Jim Wynn (1973)…Chris Devenski is the second reliever to start a season with consecutive four-inning, seven-strikeout performances, joining Liam Hendriks of the Twins in 2013…Jake Marisnick’s game-tying, ninth-inning homer, according to Brooks Baseball, was the first homer ever off Royals reliever Kelvin Herrera’s slider…Jose Altuve recorded his 200th career stolen base in the eighth inning.
TOP GOLF –– Sergio Garcia of Spain had a record that he didn’t want. No one had played 70 major tournaments as a pro and not won one. It looked like he might squander his chances against Justin Rose, but Garcia won The Masters in a playoff on Sunday.
Garcia was the obvious fan favorite in Georgia, as they chanted his name throughout the day. Part of that is that he is so gentlemanly. He once called a penalty on himself at a tournament. On Sunday, he congratulated Rose when Rose had good shots. After the tourney, Rose told Garcia he thought no one deserved to win the Masters more than Garcia. I think being gentlemanly is something that has been missing in some sports. I enjoyed seeing it.

FINALIST, 2017 BEST HEADLINE — I mean, this writes itself, but I think we should give the committee a head’s up — Texas masturbation bill is now in the hands of of the Texas State Affairs Committee:

FAT-BOTTOMED GIRLS you make the rockin’ world go round — Got some junk in the trunk? It looks like that is healthy, because, science:

unnamedDOUGHNUT DELIGHT: Now this is the work of an artist. The bold statement of even, jet-black lines. The perfect circle on the first try. Now this is an Olympian effort for a doughnut and worthy of a keen eye’s praise — not like the amateur efforts I see all over Houston. Unless it would be done on my street. Then jail the jerk.

CLASSICAL MUSIC: So you want to impress a girl with your classical music knowledge and hit on her at the same time? One option is to play Bach — Air on a G string.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Being a woman is a terribly difficult trade since it consists principally of dealings with men.”

— Joseph Conrad


Because Fred’s beloved Leafs made the playoffs…

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