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Astros lose, Rockets lose, United Airlines loses: the update for 4/11

Ok, so by now we’ve all seen the video of this man being “re-accommodated” by airport police on Sunday night.

First of all, flying sucks. It sucks so bad. Airlines have somehow managed to do the impossible: they’ve raised the price of the service they provide while at the same time making said service worse. What if I owned a restaurant, and I started raising my prices. And when I did that I made every single table a two-top, and I refused to allow you to pull tables together, I charged you like $3 for a cup of water, and when my employees came in to eat I would beat your ass if you didn’t leave the table. You would probably stop coming, right? And trust me when I tell you – this is not a United problem only. I’m sure if this had been American or Delta we wouldn’t be surprised, it just happened to be United who is already in hot water over the leggings scandal from a couple of weeks ago. I prefer to fly Southwest. I think they provide good customer service, their fares are usually cheap, they fly out of Hobby, and they have free bag check. And most importantly I’ve never seen or heard of a passenger being dragged away from their seat while their fat belly is on display for the entire world to see and their glasses are perched haphazardly on their nose like a grandmother who has dementia. It was an embarrassing situation to say the least. That’s just no way to treat paying customers.

Secondly, what the hell United? United claims they offered up to a $1,000 travel voucher. If nobody wants your $1,000 travel voucher, increase the amount of money on the freaking voucher until eventually someone hears a price they don’t want to give up. This guy is going to sue the crap out of you and trust me the settlement will be more than a grand. I know United thinks they’re in the right here because he refused to relinquish his seat but at some point you just have to own up to the fact that your product freaking sucks and pony up the extra cash. I mean, people hate airlines so much that for one single day I saw people on Twitter put aside their political opinions to viciously roast United – bipartisanship at it’s finest folks.

Thirdly, I’d like to recognize this hero below. Who bravely pointed out that even though airline police (I don’t know the lingo, just go with it) pulled a man out of his seat causing him to hit his head on the arm rest before they dragged his lifeless corpse off the plane like a rag doll, the passengers were violating federal law by videoing the incident. Dan Hensley is a classic “she shouldn’t have been wearing such a short skirt” guy.  It’s also a fact that all liberals jump to conclusions before they have the facts and no conservatives ever do that. Classic!!

The Astros lost to the Mariners yesterday 6-0 to go 4-4 to start the season. It’s the same story. No hitting. We’re like 1/20th of the way through the season so there’s no need for panic but I would hope that the pitching outside of Keuchel and McCullers can improve and that the bats wake up. Getting shut out is never fun, especially when people were talking about the Astros being an offensive juggernaut before the season started. I really like this write up on the Astros from yesterday.
The Rockets got their asses handed to them by the Clippers last night. But honestly who cares. There’s only one more regular season game, the Rockets have been locked into the 3 seed for a week now, and soon they’ll be winning one possibly two playoff series before they get their asses handed to them in the Western Conference Finals by either the Warriors or the Spurs. Oh, and it looks like Russell Westbrook is pulling away from James Harden in the MVP race after breaking the record for triple doubles in a season.

With the Texans draft coming up in a couple of weeks, here are some potential picks that the Texans could take.

Can Bob McNair and Colin Kaepernick work together? Ugh. This is still going on? If a quarterback who isn’t made of taped up bits of toothpicks and at some point was a viable option for a professional NFL football team wants to play here, McNair better sign him. And if a professional NFL franchise wants to sign Colin Kaepernick he better sign that damn contract. It should be as simple as that. I’m over any other discussion. For my money both Colin Kaepernick and Bob McNair have been stand up members of their communities, politics aside. And if people start choosing their employers – or employees for that matter – based on political affiliation then we have a serious problem and people will continue to live and operate in vast echo chambers of their own making screaming hot political takes into a void.

TV stuff:

If you haven’t watched Black Mirror on Netflix it’s a Disco Biscuit approved must watch. I’ve lamented the fact that basically every Netflix show is five stars and that angers me, but Black Mirror is a true five star show. It’s like the Twilight Zone but with a very technology driven tilt so you will find yourself watching the show thinking “Oh my God, that could or already has started happening.” And, like the Twilight Zone, the episodes of Black Mirror are all different from each other, so you don’t have to watch the episodes in successive order. The first three seasons are on Netflix right now and season four will probably air at the end of the 2017. These are my top five episodes, so you can test them out and thank me later:

5. San Junipero – this is the only episode of Black Mirror that isn’t so depressing it makes you want to jump out a window, which is why I added it. Two women form a unique bond in a remote seaside vacation town.

4. Nosedive – I love this episode because it’s basically happening now. In Nosedive, you rate every aspect of every interaction you have in person, online, over the phone etc. It’s like Instagram, but for your life. People with higher star ratings are favored in their subsequent interactions. But what happens if you just have a bad weekend? Could it ruin your life? I honestly think that the world would end up being made of five stars who just keep giving each other high ratings because they are so socially and self conscious and those of us that just don’t care what people think who would have one star

3. Playtest – In this episode a guy goes to test a new video game. Stuff goes off the rails almost immediately with all sorts of twists until the major surprise at the end basically left me having a panic attack.

2. The Entire History of You – Not a day goes by since I watched this episode that I haven’t thought it about it. The premise of the show is that everyone has a little digital camcorder in their brain so every single thing you do is recorded and you can go back and recall certain events. Of course this would be awesome to go back and relive watching something great that happened with your kids or the first time you slept with your significant other. Sweet stuff like that. But what about the bad times? If you get in a fight with your husband, do you make him pull up March 5, 2012 a day you were pretty sure he cheated on you? It can go downhill quickly.

1. White Bear – Oh my God is all I can say. In White Bear two women are being chased and filmed by a group of lunatics. But the episode really is about our thirst for eye for an eye justice. It’s my favorite episode hands down. Never have I done a complete 180 on a character in a matter of 15 seconds before this.

Honorable mention:

White Christmas – the ending gave me the heebie jeebies.

Hated in the Nation – Hated in the Nation takes a look the worst case scenario of social media persecution. In 2017 if you say something offensive you’ll be roasted on Twitter, you could lose your job when Internet sleuths find out who your employer is and be vilified until the next scandal causes people to momentarily forget about you, but not forever. But what if after enough people hate you on social media you could be killed? Would it cause people to think any differently about attacking people? No, probably not.

Quote of the Day:

“If you only do what you can do, you’ll never be better than what you are” – Kung Fu Panda 3

Hottie of the Day:


I have a feeling things would have gone differently if this woman had tried to remove the United Passenger

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