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Brewery fun, angry Skip and more! The update for April 18

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Good morning guys and gals.

I’ve done it again – found a place to drink at all day in the name of content. There is a newish brewery that opened on Washington Avenue near downtown called Platypus brewery and a couple of weeks ago on a perfectly sunny day I decided to go give it a try. Platypus has a huge indoor area with TVs on, which I’ve been told they’ll be showing football games, rugby matches, and other sporting events on the regular. They also have an enormous deck that overlooks Downtown Houston. I don’t want to panic people, but you might want to get down there soon if a view is your thing, as the owner Sean told me something was soon to be built in the vacant lot that produces the view. Probably another townhouse or apartment complex. There was a full deck of people at noon on a Friday having lunch, visiting the brewery, or watching sports on the TVs.

At this time I give the ambiance a 9.1/10 but I’m afraid that will go down once the view is gone; it’s so nice.  

Platypus does have food, and it’s a UNIQUE take on bar food. We got fries which were your pretty standard grub and an order of nachos but instead of chips, they were made with PORK RINDS. I immediately deleted my calorie counting app and dug in. These were shockingly good, and well worth the hour I laid on the couch clutching my stomach when I got home. They’ve also got meat pies, and more Aussie/Texas items.

I give the food menu a 6.3/10. That’s not to say it wasn’t good, I just couldn’t decide what I wanted and the food items were so unique it was difficult. Sometimes when you’re drinking you just want chips and queso.

On to the beer!

The beer here was very good. I tried the Chain Rattler which is an Imperial Stout and is quite strong and the Ranga, a red ale that I honestly could have had 15 of it went down so smoothly. I stopped at three though, because the Imperial Stout was a lot. The beer is very good and doesn’t have any bitter aftertaste. I was lucky enough to go to Platypus on a time when Sean, the owner was there. I asked Sean what his favorite beer is that they serve and he told me the IPAs – they have two, a Double IPA called Ruck N’ Maul and a single IPA called Box Kick.

The beer is solid. It’s an 7.8/10 for me. I can’t wait for them to start selling the Ranga in stores.

There is a large variety of bars and restaurants around town that carry Platypus beer, they have a list on their website. They also hope to start canning in the near future, so if you like their beer you may soon be able to enjoy it in your own home! Visit their website or check it out in person – I’m giving Platypus the Disco Biscuit stamp of approval and this gold star!

Cool Gold Star Wearing Sunglasses Emoji

Skip it? It’s playoff basketball and hockey season, so time again for the annual fight over which is better. I obviously prefer basketball because I don’t understand hockey and I think it’s a garbage TV sport. I think I’m a smart person, but I lose the dang puck every time. Also without playoff Lebron we would never have angry troll Skip Bayless to laugh at:

Another win: The Astros shut out the Angels last night in their series opener. The Angels are to the Astros what the Astros are to the Rangers, so the next couple of games should be fun. Last week was a good week for our boys as the bats really started coming alive. You can read all about that here.

Texans update: The Texans are planning to sign Andre Johnson to a one day deal so he can retire a Texan. Now all we need is for the Dynamo to sign him to a contract, let him practice with the team, and sit on the bench wearing a uniform during a game. I’m glad he’ll be retiring her; watching him deteriorate in front of our eyes for the past few seasons has been difficult to watch. I guess also the Texans are rolling with Nicolas Cage’s illegitimate son with a bartender from Pittsburgh Tom Savage as their starter? I honestly don’t care. Football is the greatest sport. But when your home team does nothing but throw crap at the wall every year and nothing sticks it wears on you. I’m so apathetic I don’t even care what happens. (Check back after week one for an irrationally excited or angry Disco Biscuit. I know what I am).

Comedy central? Finally, check out this event at River Oaks Theater next Wednesday. It’s a great cause and worth your time.

Quote of the Day:

“That’s a nice talk, Ben – keep drinking. Between the 101-proof breath and the occasional bits of drool, some interesting words come out.”

– Leaving Las Vegas (also my friends to me Sundays during football season)

Hottie of the Day:



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