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The Houston Texans QB situation is the North Korea missile program

Hey coach! How do we get to 9-7 with me lost for the year in Week 2?


Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is part of the weekly update team (Fridays) and also weighs in on a variety of subjects during the week. He is former military and a UH grad. Follow him on Twitter @sportsmedialm

This weekend, North Korea attempted yet another missile attempt.  Briefly, I wondered, “will this be different?”

The last 30 years, I have watched North Korea’s military do the duck walk march.  Then trout out their missiles on huge vehicles.  Lastly, the “world” shivers about North Korea’s military prowess.

North Korea

unnamed (1).gif

Spoiler Alert, North Korea’s missile failed.  Not only did it not get over the Japan or Yellow Sea, according to reports, it blew up almost immediately.  I am 100% positive a few scientists or military personnel got whacked.  It really doesn’t matter though because they will do it again and the “world” will pay them attention.   

Sounds like the Texans to me.

Texans QB Situation


The Houston Texans and Bill O’Brien have run through quarterbacks like a hooker changing panties on the Las Vegas Strip. Every year they come out with a new QB on display.  Fans cheer, throw parties and the QBs fail miserably. George Godsey (offensive coordinator) aka The North Korean Scientist was fired as he should have been.

Please do not give me the crap about how O’Brien developed QBs.  If those QBs were so developed they would still be here producing.


China is to North Korea what Romeo Crennel is to Bill O’Brien with the Texans.  Without China on North Korea’s side, that country would be largely irrelevant and probably wiped off the surface. Without Romeo, Texans are at best a five-win team.

If you dig a little deeper, both the Texans and North Korea are running in secrecy or total isolation as if they are “ahead of the curve.”

On a lighter note, Kim Jong Un and Bill O’Brien are both arrogant and have some unique physical traits. #Hair #Chin


unnamed (1)All in all, the Texans QB situation is North Korea’s missile program.  North Korea is a nuke missile away and the Texans are a QB away. Until then most will deem them as inept and total jokes.


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