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Why Mike Florio is what is wrong with today’s “media”

Do you trust this smarmy face? You shouldn't.

Editor’s note: Dustin Bennett is a longtime fixture on the Houston Sports scene and very knowledgeable about all things sports and stuff. This is his first offering for the site. Follow him on Twitter @dustinbennett76


There are some people in the media who will do whatever it takes to get a click on their website, regardless of the collateral damage it may cause.  Count Mike Florio as one of the people at the top of that list.

A few years back, the wannabe Skip Bayless was leading the charge about an alleged Dez Bryant video.  About the video he said  “All of the major insiders know,’’ and “It’s been rampant’’ and “Everybody who does what I do knows about this thing,” while in the next breath says “There have never been any charges, civil suit, nothing.’’  Basically, every reporter knows about this but law enforcement does not.  Fast forward a few months and the truth comes out that no such video exists.  And, of course, once the truth comes out there is no apology from Florio on all the damage he caused with his witch hunt.  This is just one of several examples of how Florio “medias.”

Over the past couple of days Florio is back at it again.  It all started with this story written by Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk.  After reading the article Pat Starr of pointed out with this tweet, that PFT “cut up DeAndre Hopkins quote to make it sound more vile that what it really was.”

To be fair, PFT did not “cut up” anything.  What they admittedly did was quote this tweet from Texans beat writer Aaron Wilson.  That quote was a bad job by Aaron.  He’s a professional and should know better than that.  THAT SAID…

Florio obviously read Pat’s tweet because decided to go in on Pat with a few tweets, being sarcastic and demeaning.  Of course, this caught this attention of several people on twitter including The Blitz’s own Jong Lee (what were the odds that this would be the thing to set Jong off?)  After a few hours, the twitter dust settled and people finally moved on from Skip Florio… until Thursday morning…

Florio is a regular guest on Sports Talk 790 (because that’s really pulling up the ratings) and so Lance Zierlein took the opportunity to ask Florio this whole deal(starts at the 81 minute mark).  

Of course Florio starts out setting himself up as a victim (people don’t like us blah, blah, blah).  In the first minute he also sets the stage for a “device” he’ll use again later in blaming any “hate” he gets is because he is criticizing someone’s team.  In other words, people who disagree with him can’t have a legitimate or unbiased take because they are a FAN.

Skip Florio continually ducks accountability.  In the beginning of the interview he defends everything by bringing up that he only quoted Aaron Wilson.  Again, fine, but it’s the next part where he failed. He goes on to mention the quote sheet that is provided by the Texans a few hours later and that his writer didn’t have the quote sheet when he wrote the article.  OK, cool, BUT WHAT DID YOU DO AFTER YOU GOT THE QUOTE SHEET AND SAW THAT AARON’S QUOTE WAS MISLEADING???  Florio’s response to that is at the 87 minute mark, “That’s not how the world works. You don’t sit around and wait for the transcript and then go in and make sure that the language is the same.”  This is a fundamental problem with social media and websites now.  Valuing getting content out first rather than valuing accuracy and truth is a big issue.  Florio then goes on to say “We assume that people who cover the team are doing their jobs properly.”  Guess what Michael, PEOPLE ASSUME THAT ABOUT YOUR SITE TOO BUT THE PROBLEM IS YOU DO NOT.


At the 89:16 Florio cries that people in the media started to run with this “cutting up” story and those people should know better as they ran with a story with minimum to zero evidence.  Oh, you mean they are doing the same thing YOU DID WITH DEZ BRYANT.


At 92 minutes is where it gets really interesting.  LZ leads Florio into a conversation about clickbait.  This is the moment where the suck stench of Florio is at an all time high because he exposes himself for the hack that he is.  Florio draws the caparison that clickbait is the sports version of fake news.  Of course Florio then goes to use another “device” where he devalues any clickbait claims by saying folks who claim clickbait are just fans who don’t agree with the writers’ opinion.  And that leads to the moment where Florio exposes his foul stench of a site for what it really is… The National Enquirer of sports.  Since I’m not into copy and pasting someone’s interpretation of what he said, I took the liberty of transcribing for you, the reader, so it is right…

“We try to take what’s out there and massage it into what is interesting.  And then we take it (the massaged version) and try to interpret it (the massaged version) and it explain what it (the massaged version) is.  And I get caught up into certain narratives that I think can lead to compelling stories.  

I try to spot the early stage of what could be a very very compelling story.  And I may try to shape it in that direction because I hope it becomes that.

You see so many different stories over the years it’s lather, rinse, repeat, but if I see something and it’s like WOW this would be really inserting if this happens sometimes I’ll shape my initial reaction just kind of hopeful that it moves that way because it will be a great story if it moves that way.”


At 95:15 Florio says that Aaron Wilson called him last night saying he only has 140 characters to work with.  Here comes the funny part, Florio then proceeds to lecture Aaron telling him “you better use those 140 characters judiciously because people are relying on the accuracy of what you tweeted.”


Yesterday on The Blitz, Fred Faour misinterpreted a tweet from LaMont.  After discovering his mistake Fred did not try to justify his misinterpretation.  Instead, Fred did this.  


Michael Florio, you are a d-bag.  Instead of owning, clarifying, and correcting the issue you continue to justify yourself by using a device that devalues the validity of anyone’s observations, retorts, or arguments.  Instead of making things right when you find out things are wrong, you do nothing, you keep crying, you keep shifting blame.  You, Michael Florio, YOU SUCK.



1 Comment on Why Mike Florio is what is wrong with today’s “media”

  1. Florio and PFT lost their cuteness when they became affiliated with NBC. The hack lawyer has sold his soul in order to become a semi-relevant talking head for the network. In the process, he has gone from an objective voice of reason to an over-opinionated wonk. His self-righteous “holier than thou” opinions are stifling and unreadable. The fact that he can’t let this go speaks volumes about how petty he is.

    The unfortunate thing is that this has become a common theme with sports media in the post-ESPN apocalyptic television world: Personalities matter, looks matter, and facts, well they sort of matter (but only if you can spin them). We have gone from a day and age where the sports commentators were witnesses sharing what the public was watching, to a “look at me, my opinion is more important than the game.

    No one ever traded sports commentator cards.
    No one gets network logos inked on their bodies.
    No one ever watched a game for the melodic rumblings of Chris Berman.
    And no one will miss Florio when he is gone.


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