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The draft is almost here! Rockets move on, shame bells, bringing the hotness and more: The update for April 26

It’s almost draft day! You know what that means… An excuse for booze on a week day! Oh, and most likely a headache for Texans fans and Eagles fans like myself. What are the odds our teams draft a bust… or some kid everyone insists will be a star but in reality will sit out with a random injury for 17 seasons?

Let’s focus on the positive: This year’s class is stacked on the defensive side. You know how I love the D, but I have to keep reminding myself this isn’t about me. I’ll be watching other franchises with outstanding scout teams and GMs snatch up all the great DBs. Meanwhile here at the Houston headquarters…


On the flip side: The high demand for QBs and RBs right now should keep tomorrow night interesting for sure. Wouldn’t it be cool to see the Browns, Jets and 49ers all fighting for the next “could have been but didn’t quite amount to crap” QB like the animal scene from Mean Girls?


Run this: Personally, I want Cook or McCaffrey, but with the 14th pick I don’t see us landing either of the two. So to whichever one of you busted, lame teams snatch them up… I hope you’re the one win the Browns get this season.

Everyone keeps asking me who I think the Texans and the Cowbitches will take..

1) I could care less but since I’m writing for HOUSTON sports, I suppose I’ll pretend for a slight second. Besides the fact that I (a 5’5″ 129lb chick) could roast Savage and throw more TDs (or I could just tie with him at a grand total of ZERO) I’ll skip on over to the next hot spot.

The Texans need to build up that O Line just in case DeShaun Watson or some miracle QB sensation falls from the heavens and frees Houston from this 15 year curse. All sarcasm aside, your Texans have a lot of talent and should have another great 9-7 season. #FireOBrien

2) Dallas. Is irrelevant. Just give them anyone half way worth a damn on the defensive side of the ball and I’m sure Jerry will be able to suck his way into another “so close, yet so far away” season. The best part? We get to enjoy those lovely 89.7 billion “We Dem Boys” hashtags on twitter.

Have I mentioned how excited I am that football is getting closer? That’s me. Telling the Packers how to shut down Bradford. Yes, that’s the wand from the blinds. And that’s my friends very annoyed that I won’t sit down and stop fake coaching.


The usual online auctioning of myself: I’ll be at Twin Peaks in Webster Thursday night if you’re out and want to bring a vodka and water and talk sportsy. Not that I’d pawn myself out for booze (we’ve established this in previous posts) Anyway, I’ll be the only chick with her head on the table after the 14th pick drowning in my own sorrows.

Oh. It’s still basketball season? After digging through piles of Spurs gear buried under my unlimited supply of KU shirts, I stumbled across this Rockets shirt someone gave me a few years ago. Just as I was about to rock it, I realized the odds are pretty good that Houston will be playing my Spurs next. Sorry guys, I tried.

The Rockets finished off The Oklahoma City Westbrooks last night. Westbrook was terrible in the fourth quarter in this series, punctuating that with a 2-for-11 shooting effort on Tuesday. Enjoy your MVP trophy, Russell. And your summer vacation.

Shame bell No. 1 goes to me for writing this much.


A live look at how my dates usually go. I really just clicked on this story because it said “Alcohol” in big font. You should click too.

Shame bell No. 2


Because nothing goes better with alcohol than aliens. I’m just waiting for this alien lady to land on earth and take me back to rule her people.

Shame bell No. 3


Quote of the Day: 

“The NFL draft is going to be this Thursday. That’s a huge night for college players. That’s the night they start being paid over the table.” 

-Jay Leno

Hottie of the Day:


Still not a fan of my Eagles?

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