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Gambling in Houston, boo hoo ESPN, invert the draft, Astros and more: The update for April 28


Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is part of the weekly update team (Fridays) and also weighs in on a variety of subjects during the week. He is former military and a UH grad. Follow him on Twitter @sportsmedialm

I am pissed at the Blitz.  The Blitz are the Czars of Houston gambling.  When I want to know about various gambling topics, I turn to the Blitz.

Monday, as I was watching the news, I learned that Texas — hell Houston Proper — has gambling.  I was watching the news and learned that a business received backlash because of a poll they put out about their captain.  I do not know nor care what the controversy was, I was just surprised there was gambling near Houston.  I didn’t know this so I researched them and by research, I Googled it.

It’s not exactly a cruise ship but a Yacht.   Jacks or Better is a yacht which sails two times a day most days.  They sail into federal waters approximately 9 miles off the coast.  The cost is $15 per visit.   I’ve already booked a trip and it appears they have all casino mainstream gambling features, including a Sports Book.

I hope it’s a success and more companies follow.  It’s a clever way to bypass Texas’ antiquated gambling laws.  Really shocked Fred and AJ have not hit on this in more detail.

It’s not full scale gambling but I’m happy with it.  First, Harris and Dallas Counties loosening up on Texas Weed Laws, now Galveston loopholing Gambling laws?




ESPN laid off a lot of employees; I’ve listened to many on radio speculate the reason for ESPN’s situation.  I have heard everything from deals with College Football to Donald Trump to Social Media.  Fair, but what’s odd, rarely do you hear talent.  ESPN’s talent is trash.  I have not watched that network regularly in eight years.   The only time I watch ESPN is during the college football season.

Aaron Hernandez

In black ganster movies, it’s common to hear the phrase “going out like a G.” Which means, you got killed like a ganster.  Welp, Aaron Hernandez went out like a G but it wasn’t ganster, it was gay.  Goodness, can this dude’s story get any more bizarre?  Apparently, Aaron had a male lover in jail.  I have even read stories he whacked Odin Lloyd to conceal his bisexuality.  At this point, it does not even matter if it’s true or not, the perception is out there which means in our fast food society, its 100% true.   I look at the Hernandez situation like a scene in Naked Gun when Nordberg (OJ Simpson) got shot up, and the series of events after.

unnamed (1).gif


Now that the Astros are relevant and has a decent squad, I frequently hear, “The Astros were tanking to rebuild” during the down years.  It’s common sense and its correct but living through it, those same people were crushing the Astros for sucking.  They couldn’t recognize at the time but after the fact it all makes sense to them.


I have been on this kick for years now and the minute people hear it, they shoot it down.  Invert the drafts.  Clearly my ideology is creeping in but why reward failure, reward success!  Most say, the good teams will get better.  So, that’s how the real world works according to Charles Darwin and I am not about to explain Darwinism.  It’s weird; America is a quasi-capitalistic country and most countries with soccer are socialist countries.  They are inversed in some respects when it comes to sports.  American Sports reward bad teams with high picks, Soccer drops bad teams.

In the future, I will expand on inverting the draft.


“The aspirations of democracy are based on the notion of an informed citizenry, capable of making wise decisions. The choices we are asked to make become increasingly complex. They require the longer-term thinking and greater tolerance for ambiguity that science fosters. The new economy is predicated on a continuous pipeline of scientific and technological innovation. It cannot exist without workers and consumers who are mathematically and scientifically literate.”

— Ann Druyan



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