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NFL Draft day 2: Texans opt for quality over need

On Thursday night, the Texans made one of the biggest splashes in the NFL Draft, trading up to get quarterback Deshaun Watson.

On Friday, conventional wisdom suggested they fill a need at right tackle and perhaps in the secondary. But once again, they strayed from the beaten path, and made two quality selections.

In the second round, the Texans selected linebacker Zach Cunningham form Vanderbilt. While the Texans appear set at linebacker, adding Cunningham gives them a potential impact player who can play inside or outside. If he plays inside, it gives them the option of using Bernardrick McKinney as an outside pass rusher. If he plays outside, it gives the team another solid performer at that slot. The Texans lost John Simon in free agency, and between the threesome of McKinney, Cunningham and Brennan Scarlett, the Texans have improved the position and added to an already potent front seven.

In the third round, the Texans made another very shrewd pick, getting former UT running back D’Onta Foreman.

Foreman was in my opinion the third best back in the draft behind Leonard Fournette (fourth overall) and Dalvin Cook. He is explosive and will provide another offensive weapon. Foreman needs to work on his blocking and is not a huge threat to catch the ball out of the backfield, but he is durable, has breakaway speed and a chance to be a perfect compliment to Lamar Miller.

So far, the Texans have had a terrific draft. There is still a gaping hole at right tackle, and that might have to be filled with a fifth-tier free agent. They could use another body in the secondary as well. But they did not reach for lesser players to fill a need. And in two nights, the Texans added a potential franchise quarterback, a potential starter at linebacker and a playmaker running back who offers great value.

Whatever happens tomorrow won’t likely produce a starter, and there is work to be done on the offensive line and secondary. But after two nights? The Texans have added quality players who should be immediate contributors. The Texans have clearly changed their paint by numbers philosophy, and the result is three players who could shape the franchise for years to come.

3 Comments on NFL Draft day 2: Texans opt for quality over need

  1. Fred Soland // April 29, 2017 at 3:34 am // Reply

    agreed Fred. I think Foreman will be a stud at the next level. Being from Longhorn nation, I saw plenty of him. Hope he sparks memories of the last time a Houston football team selected a UT running back. That one worked out pretty well!!


  2. Not a lot of hope for a 5th round pick. In three years how many of thaws draft choices are even in the league. The NFL draft is a big circle jerk with a few guys actually panning out.


  3. Hope Foreman helps with short yardage situations. Texans were terrible at that last year.


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