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Hey Texans, what is going on with your QBS? And a lot of fun stuff…The update for May 5


Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is part of the weekly update team (Fridays) and also weighs in on a variety of subjects during the week. He is former military and a UH grad. Follow him on Twitter @sportsmedialm

Texans Inactive QBs, Texans QB Situation, Big 12 Tackling, Buffalo Bills GM

After I got off the phone with hotels in Minnesota booking my Super Bowl stay, I realized there are few questions I have about the Texans and a few more thoughts.

Texans Inactive QBs

If you are a Texans fan, you know the Texans under Bill O’Brien commonly carry three quarterbacks.  Two are active and one is inactive on gameday.  I’ve pondered, exactly who will be O’Brien’s day one active quarterbacks.  Logic would tell me, you don’t invest as high as the Texans did in DeShaun Watson to have him inactive.  

Side Note: In my conspiracy brain, I think the Texans moving Training Camp to West Virginia

Texans QB Situation

Is it me or is Texan’s QB situation looking familiar?  The Texan’s QB situation is looking a lot like San Diego Chargers Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers.  No, I am not saying Tom Savage and DeShaun Watson are Drew and Phillip but the situation is.  The only difference, Drew had more of a sample size than Savage.   I keep asking myself, just what if Savage is good? Woo, glad I woke up from that dream.

Big 12 Tackling

I’m a huge Texas Longhorns fan and I’m Houston proud.  When the Texans Drafted UT’s D’Onta Foreman, I was jacked.   He is a Longhorn and he’s from Houston Proper (Texas City).   Of course, jaded Lamont appeared.  As I watched Samage Perine, Foreman and Joe Mixon (outside reasons) fall in the NFL Draft, I begin to think, are NFL Scouts looking at Big 12’s defense, specifically the tackling.  I followed the Big 12 and tackling was horrid.  That said, I am still a  huge Foreman fan.

Buffalo Bills GM Fired

After the draft, the Buffalo Bills fired their GM Doug Whaley.  Being from Houston, I thought it was a pleasant opportunity to TROLL.  On Twitter, I crossed it up with a few people and asked, “do you think the Bills allowed Doug to conduct their draft”.   I received an overwhelming NO,  in addition to, a few “that would be stupid”.  I chuckled and replied, but it’s totally believable that the Texans did something similar with Charlie Casserly?  Texans fired Casserly after the 2006 Draft.  Conceptually, I could never accept an organization could be so mundane they would allow a lame duck to have control over a pivotal process in their organization.  Over the years, I’ve accepted it but it’s mad funny listening to Houston clown the Bills for doing the same thing the Texans did.

Fire Steven Colbert

Just when I thought I had America figured out, the LGBT community wants Colbert fired?   WTF?  Colbert is the beacon of liberalism.  Colbert said the only thing Donald Trump’s mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c–k holster.  In my day, that was called a damn nice joke but the LGBT is mad and won’t Colbert out.  A few people tried to explain, it was a homophobic slur.  I was baffled, c—k sucker is simply a blast of all blast.  I have never associated that word with sexuality.  Usually, calling someone that word,  results in two outcomes,  Mic Drop or getting beat up.



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