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It’s time to embrace the “woo,” Rockets even things up and all kinds of weirdness: The update for May 8

Editor’s note: Neal Farmer is Executive Director of the Touchdown Club, a former reporter for the Houston Chronicle and an all around good guy. He does the Monday updates.

At first, I was really annoyed about the “Woos.” Who were these people pitching woo at the top of their lungs at the Houston Astros games?

“Here is the delivery on a 3-2 pitch.”

“Yeah, that woo helped the batter draw a walk in that at-bat.”

It was worse than sounds thrown about in Philadelphia.

I mean, the Philly fans once booed Santa Clause at a game. They would boo kids at an Easter Egg hunt who didn’t find any eggs.

Bob Uecker once said that if a game was rained out in Philly, the fans would go to the airport and boo bad landings. I always wanted to see dollar beer night combined with free mini-bat night and see who was left standing in Philly.

But I have changed my mind about the “Woo” and how it makes us look in Houston. Why? Because it pissed off the Dallas Rangers at Arlington players and fans. That alone means there is merit.

Houston fans for years have been known as ones that sat on their hands and did not create good atmosphere for the Astros until the playoffs. At least we know how to control ourselves during dollar beer night.

unnamed (2)The “Woo” was started by Josh Reddick, the newest Astro who I think has been way overpaid. I was annoyed that he wears a Spider-Man compression suit under his Astros uniform. However, I was impressed that he robbed Cleveland’s Jason Kipnis of a homer by leaping over the center-field wall in April, and I actually raised my arms over my head when Reddick threw a flyout to right field home and nailed the A’s Chris Pinder at the plate with a perfect throw to end on inning.

unnamedReddick is a big wrestling fan, and the “Woo” comes from Ric Flair, a wrestler who has a hold on Reddick’s imagination. Reddick even has paid for a world wrestling championship belt with the Astros logo on it, and awards it to the game’s MVP immediately after the contest to multiple “Woos.” But instead of just occurring when Reddick makes a play or is at-bat, “Woos” can filter down from the rafters like a lost radar looking for German U-boats. It was fun for the first two weeks it happened, but it has now been almost two months.

Until the Rangers complained. Then I rethought my position. I mean, isn’t the “Woo” almost perfect for this edition of the Astros? When a player hits a walk-off homer, he is greeted at the plate with that good, old-fashioned baseball treat of noogies and Gatorade. When a good play is made in the field, the player will get a cup of water thrown in his face when he gets back to the Houston dugout. The outfielders come together and jump with their backs against each other at the end of a win.

When the old Killer Bs were in the playoffs, some Houston women wore beehive hairdos to show support.

And who can forget when Jose Cruz was announced by J. Fred Duckett about 30 years ago when he was at-bat, with the phrase: “Jose Cruuuuuuuuuuz.” It was a magical Houston-only moment that kids and parents remember even today.
And though it is early, this “Woo”-induced team is on course to make the playoffs, where anything can happen.

I hear people speaking against the “Woo,” saying no one over 30 should use it. It’s the same argument about men over 30 wearing an Astros game jersey with another man’s name on the back of it. But I think these get-off-my-lawn people, who are older than they should be, aren’t seeing the big picture. The “Woo” is fun. It is organic, in that it was not artificially created by a PR company. And it pisses off people from Dallas.

RIC FLAIR’S USE OF WOO: It’s fun and the Rangers hate it. You don’t need a third reason.

ROCKETS DO SOME WOOING OF THEIR OWN: We saw the good edition of the Rockets last night, the one that won Game 1 with a barrage of 3s. They evened the series at 2 apiece with a 125-104 win over the Spurs. After playing nothing but close games during the regular season, the four playoff games have all been routs one way or another. The Beard had 28 and Eric Gordon 22 in the win.

NERD ALERT: The hottest women to be on Star Trek. But I promise I watched the show for the writing.

CLASSICAL MUSIC NOTE: If you think classical music was written hundreds of years ago, that is not exactly correct. One of the top classical composers ever is still alive. Listen to John Williams’ “Star Wars” opening theme, and you will see that classic can mean modern, too.

SHOUT OUT: A shout out to my kids, because THAT’S THE ONLY WAY THEY LISTEN TO ME.

FARTING HORSE: If I thought this was funny, what does that say about me?


“You boys can keep your virgins. Give me hot old women in high heels with asses that forgot to get old.”

― Charles Bukowski


Dame Helen Murren, who can act and fill out any role.

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