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Brunch spots, the evil Texas Legislature, and another sweep: The update for May 9

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and being a mother myself I always enjoy a good breakfast or brunch on this, my most special of days. There are a few days that are just brunch days. So, I’m listing here some of my favorite brunch spots.

Snooze (Montrose) – Obviously Snooze is on the list. It’s on Montrose and Westheimer, across from the disco Kroger. You’ve seen it if you’ve ever been over there because it’s completely packed from about 9 am until they close. Snooze started in Denver and they only have a couple of locations in Texas which I guess explains why they are always so busy. Their ingredients are all fresh, which is important to these yuppies in Montrose. Snooze is known for their eggs Benedict, so I always encourage people to try that but their menu is full of delicious gems. The place can be a little kitschy and on the weekends be prepared for at least an hour wait, but you can put your name on a list and go do some other stuff in the neighborhood – they’ll call you when your table is ready.

Brasil (Montrose) – I seriously love Brasil, which is a polarizing topic among some of my friends. Brasil is like a little European cafe, but it’s all counter service. I know that can be annoying but I just really like their food and the relaxed atmosphere. They have a little covered patio in back with trees and stuff which makes you feel like for maybe five minutes you’re not in a concrete jungle. I would be remiss if I did not mention again that it’s counter service so if you’re drinking mimosas and you need another carafe of mimosas you will have to wait in line to get this.

Baby Barnabys (Montrose) – Baby Barnabys is just the tops! Buyer beware, they don’t serve alcohol. This is just a good old fashioned delicious breakfast place. Again, no reservations so be prepared for at least a 30-45 minute wait on weekends, but the food is worth it. I have had everything on the menu at least three times, so I can confidently tell you that everything is good but get the green eggs!

Liberty Kitchen (Heights) – This place is really good. They used to have a super cheap breakfast if you came in before 10 am, but they don’t have it anymore! Sad. But I still go here every once in a while.

Breakfast Klub (Midtown) – I feel like I could be killed in this city if I don’t put Breakfast Klub on my list of favorite breakfast spots. Breakfast Klub is really good, but I feel like people come here mainly for the novelty. It’s really expensive, and the wait can be out of hand, but the food is super good. And it’s a Houston staple, so you just have to check it out. Bonus! You might see a local Houston celebrity.

Max’s Wine Dive (Montrose) – The fried chicken here is everything they say it is. I also like Max’s because it’s always busy but never feels out of control. Make reservations.

Honorable Mentions:

Baba Yega (Montrose) – I haven’t eaten at Baba Yega but when I asked my neighbors what their favorite brunch places were they overwhelmingly said Baba Yega so I included it. Shout out to my neighbors. Highlights include delicious food and a beautiful patio apparently.

Avalon Diner (Upper Kirby) – Just a diner but I love it.

Natachees (Midtown) – Good place in Midtown by Breakfast Klub. I suggest it especially if you get to Breakfast Klub and the line is out of hand. Highlights: their Bloody Marys go down perfectly and they have delicious punches.

Disco Rant The Texas Legislature is at it again, pretending like they are pro small business while they spit in our faces and line the pockets of their big business constituents. This time it’s to the detriment of your favorite craft breweries. When I interviewed Brandon, the owner of D&Q The Beer Station, he talked about how craft beer has grown over the years in Texas. It has seen huge amounts of growth since the Texas Legislature started relaxing antiquated rules on labeling and distribution. Now, the House has passed a law that says breweries that produce a certain amount of barrels will have to SELL THEIR OWN BEER TO A DISTRIBUTOR AND BUY IT BACK. I have never seen such a blatant money grab in my entire life. Even AB InBev, who has famously backed legislation in the past limiting the sale of craft beer is against this legislation. You can read a really great Op Ed piece here from one of the owners of Karbach. What is boils down to is a tax that would make it difficult for breweries to grow and become as successful as St. Arnold, Karbach, and others. Make up your own mind, but please know that if you like spending a Saturday afternoon relaxing with friends at one of the Houston area’s many craft breweries, the idiots over in Austin are trying to take that away.

Warriors Sweep. We’re on another collision course to Warriors vs. Cavaliers in the NBA Championship again. The Warriors beat the Jazz last night 121-95 completing their sweep a day after Lebron and company swept Toronto. I mean what is there to even say? We know what the end result will be. I think Rockets/Spurs is our only chance to see an extended series and then that team gets to probably get swept by the Warriors too. Oh joy.

In case you missed it… Bored of the same crap on TV? Read this and consider watching Hotel Beau Sejour! And a wrap up of the Astros last week. I plan to go to the Braves game Wednesday afternoon and actually hit up the Torchys instead of staring at it and salivating from the third baseline.

Quote of the Day – “My daughter asked me what it’s like to have kids so I interrupted her every 11 seconds until she cried.” – I don’t know who originally said this but it makes me laugh all the time.

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