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Correa vs. Jeter, creepy clowns, sexy clowns (no, really) and more: The update for May 15

Editor’s note: Neal Farmer is Executive Director of the Touchdown Club, a former reporter for the Houston Chronicle and an all around good guy. He does the Monday updates.

When Carlos Correa was drafted by the Houston Astros in 2012, he said he wanted to be another Derek Jeter. When the Astros played the New York Yankees on Sunday, when the club officially retired  Jeter’s number after he played 20 years in Major League Baseball — all with the Yankees — comparisons between the two were non-stop.

Both are 6-foot-4, and both have silky smooth moves in the field. Correa said he worked on his jump-throw from deep in the hole because that’s the way that Jeter did it. And they are both considered solid citizens.

unnamed (1)Through each player’s first 99 games, Correa has hit more homers (22-14) and plated more RBIs (68-58) than Jeter. Both were American League Rookie of the Year. Some have suggested that Correa will put on more weight the older he gets, which will slow him down. That extra weight means he could be moved to third base, where mobility is not as important.

Jeter was the No. 6 pick in the 1992 draft out of high school in  New — where he was valedictorian — after the Astros took Phil Nevin of Cal State Fullerton with the No. 1 overall selection.  Astros scout Hal Newhouser said he was so upset that the Astros did not select Jeter that he eventually quit.

The problem with comparing anyone with Jeter is that Jeter has five World Championship rings in 159 post-season contests. He also boasts 3,465 hits, which is sixth all-time. If it is necessary to remind you, the Astros have only played on one World Series, and didn’t win a game in that post-season entanglement. Of course, Sports Illustrated predicted this is the year that the Astros win it all. We’ll see. They are playing well enough right now to win a ring, but it is a long season.

Jeter  played all 20 years with the Yankees. Due to economics, that may never happen again to a player. For example, take Correa. He is batting better than .360 in Yankee Stadium. The cynic in me says that the Yankees have those stats, too. And after seeing the reception of love that Jeter received on Sunday, would Correa like to be a part of that, too? Several close to him said he likes the attention and likes the bright lights of the big city.

unnamed (2)
So, what if the Yankees decide to give Correa an offer he couldn’t refuse when his contract is up in Houston? If so, you wouldn’t have to hack an Astros computer to know it would be a crime to invite Houston to play at Correa’s official retirement ceremony around 2034 at Yankee Stadium.

Xander Bogaerts       ss       Boston
Alex Bregman            3B      Houston
Zach Cozart                ss        Cinncinatti
Brian Dozier              ss         Minnesota
Alcides Escobar         ss         Kansas City
J.J. Hardy                     ss         Baltimore
Andrelton Simmons ss         Angels
Troy Tulowitzki         ss         Toronto

TRAVEL IN HOUSTON –– In Houston, along the Northwest Freeway, the shortest distance between two points is under construction.

FORMER ASTRO AND CURRENT RANGER TAUNTS ASTROS — Remember Carlos Gomez? He remembers you… He remembers you…

MORE PUDDLES — I continue to love this guy. I can’t get enough of him, and I understand he is coming to Houston in June.

Some of his liner notes: Puddles Pity Party, the traveling roadshow of Puddles the clown and his simian-sapien companion, MonkeyZuma, began more than ten years ago as part of the Atlanta-based ‘all clown’ band, Greasepaint. While the band broke up, Puddles decided to carry on becoming a fixture in the Dames Aflame showgirl revue and touring as a special guest in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Live tour in 2010. In 2011, Puddles continued his travels, appearing as regular fixture at the Manderley Bar in New York’s now legendary immersive theater show, Sleep No More, before moving to Seattle in 2012 to appear in the European-style vaudevillian cabaret, Teatro ZinZanni. In 2013, following a US and European tour with the esoteric rock band The Eels, as well as being invited to appear at Austin’s Moontower Comedy & Oddities Festival, Puddles teamed up with Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox to record a captivating reinvented version of Lordes’ hit song “Royals” as an audio and video release. The video exploded on youtube with eight million views to date and spurred an avalanche of press about the ‘the sad clown with the golden voice’ and the track has sold tens of thousands of copies on iTunes.
Today, Puddles continues to travel the world with his Pity Party singing his sad pop anthems for all the party people.

Here is his singing a mashup of the Who song, Pinball Wizard, to Johnny Cash’s melody of Folsum Prison Blues:

CLASSIC NOTE — Appalachian Spring: Doppio  movimento is a great piece, which reminds me of being outdoors on a campout. And importantly, it is written by an American — Aaron Copland. Listen to all the Copland you can.


 I was going to be a sportswriter until I met several.

— Joe Brown, Pittsburgh Pirates general manager in 1976


(All puddles the Clown fans)

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