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Disco is angry about something, a movie and bar recommendation and more: The update for May 16

All is right in Houston again, as the Rockets went full Rockets, losing by seven million and two points to the Spurs last Thursday night. Aside from Stephen A Smith’s public call for an investigation into possible drug use by Harden, the team has faded back into the comfortable obscurity that generally blankets Houston sports teams. At least our beloved Astros are cruising. At 27-12 they have the best record in the MLB and although no one player is extraordinary so far, they are terrific to watch. Read the wrap up from last week’s games here. I go to as many home games as possible because the Astros are currently the only team in town where games are still affordable to attend. Upper deck tickets for $9? Yes please. And I’m honestly not even ready to start talking about the Texans. If you’re curious what they’re up to, JJ Watt’s charity softball game was this past Saturday. It’s shocking to me how many people will pay money just to watch Texans players play a game of softball, but Minute Maid was fuller than any Astros game so far this season – understandable given the fact that there is one JJ Watt Charity Classic per year, and 81 opportunities to see the Astros play at home.

Which brings me to the Disco rant of the week…

It makes me so angry to listen to people lambaste Rockets fans for not showing up to games “on time.”  It seems to be just basketball, but I’ll also put radio guy who comments on how empty a baseball stadium feels during the playoffs. Everyone always uses examples of fan bases for teams that have had either recent (Warriors) or sustained (Spurs) success as the pillars of what makes a “passionate fan.” Yeah, if the Rockets were an NBA powerhouse and I was sure they were going to breeze through the Conference on their way to the championship I would be fired up for every single game too. There are multiple reasons why fans aren’t in their seats right at tip-off and I’ve been through this before. A good portion of the seats in the lower level of Toyota Center are owned by corporations who have no vested interest in getting to the games early. If you look at the upper portion of the arena, those seats are generally full at the start of the game. Traffic is an issue here like it isn’t in most other cities. Two of the top ten most congested freeways in the United States are in Houston and six of the top ten most congested freeways in Texas are here. But honestly my gripe is with people labeling entire cities as “bad fans” because people don’t get to a game on time. First of all – this is my ticket. I paid good money for it and I’ll arrive at the game whenever I damn well please. I’m not going to rush my happy ass into Houston from the suburbs and risk having a bad time because some schmuck on national radio is going to say I’m a bad fan. Second – if the home teams want fans at their games on time so badly try not trotting an inferior or mediocre product out. The Rockets are now 0-11 in elimination games at home. That’s a hilarious statistic. The Texans home playoff game against the Chiefs after the 2015 season made me so angry I vowed never to purchase tickets to a game again. And the Astros – NOBODY was in that stadium during their epic meltdown seasons. At a Saturday day game less than a quarter of Minute Maid was full in 2011. Now, a Wednesday afternoon day game against the Braves nearly fills the ballpark up. Why? Because they aren’t playing like garbage. Not wanting to pay money or bust your ass to get to a game for a team that plays like the Rockets played last Thursday night doesn’t make someone a bad fan – it means we value the product on the court or the field. And lastly, if a player doesn’t play good basketball because they noticed there weren’t many people in their seats for the beginning of the game they shouldn’t be playing professional basketball and I honestly question how they got here in the first place. So please, miss me with the judgement.

On a lighter note… check out our pal Brien’s story about the impending birth of his first child. Good luck Brien! Here’s my advice: Take the baby out whenever you want and don’t listen to people who say it’s “too early.” My motto is if you didn’t have a hand in making this baby you don’t get an opinion; don’t sweat the small stuff; there’s no such thing as holding your baby too much; sleep when the baby sleeps!!, and lastly, even when you feel like you’re screwing everything up you aren’t.

Plug of the week: The Princess Bride is playing at midnight over at River Oaks Theater on Friday and Saturday night. The Princess Bride is among the top five films of all time and I say that as someone that has seen in 7,000,000,000,001 times. It has it all: love, vengeance, sword fights, humor, and Andre the Giant.robinwright

Bar recommendation of the week: Etro Lounge. If you want to dance to 80’s music all night long without a care in the entire world, Etro Lounge is for you. I’ll never forget the first time I went to Etro Lounge. My best friend and I had just moved into an apartment together and decided to go out on Westheimer. We were standing in line at Boondocks when I noticed that there wasns’t a line at a smallish looking bar tucked away across the street. Like some sort of divine intervention, we get out of the line at Boondocks and make our way, wide eyed across the street. And there it was – a lit up Atari sign beckoning us inside. We walked in and were in heaven – Depeche Mode, The Smiths, New Order, The Cure blasting through the speakers and the next thing I knew it was 2 am. So after not dancing at Etro for the better part of a year, when I walked in on Friday night, I felt a warmth that can only be described as the first cookie you eat when you’re home from college for Christmas break. Check it out.


Quote of the week: 

“Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.”

– The Princess Bride

Hottie of the week:


I actually googled “sexy princess” for you people.

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