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Astros don’t move the needle on radio? LaVar Ball at it again and more: The update for May 19

Over the years, I have accepted local radio telling their audience they cannot talk about the Astros for extended periods.  The thought is, Astro’s content is not good radio and the audience will not be interested.

As mentioned earlier I’ve accepted the premise in the past but lately when it’s said, I question a few things.

Two or three years ago, “Astros are not good for radio” made sense but the dynamic in Houston baseball has changed over the years in addition to changes in radio media.

History (2005-2006)

  • Before the last three years, The Astros were not relevant since 2006. The Astros went for a significant stretch as the joke of MLB.
  • The last time Astros were relevant Lance Zierlein and John Granato were on Mornings at Sports Radio 610.
  • Sports Radio 610 was pretty much the only station the masses gravitated to. Sports Talk 790 was and still is the Astros Flagship
  • Social Media was in its infancy. At this point, the “booty call” site My Space was  hopping.
  • Most of Houston’s on-air talent were firmly rooted in the city.  Hosts had more of an emotional connection to Houston sports.
  • Ratings were not a big deal publicly (average audience fan).

When I hear “no one wants to talk Astros” in 2017, I question it.  Nearly half of this market’s on-Air talent was not even on the radio when the Astros were decent.  Of course, it makes sense to say that when the Astros were losing 100 games but they are far from those days.

Judging by the Astro Fans Social Media presence, I absolutely believe people would love more Astros talk.

Some on-air personalities do not know baseball and would much rather not talk about the Astros.  When they do talk about the Astros, they are reduced to reading box scores and telling you what the TV broadcaster said during the game.

That said, I have noticed an increase in Astros talk across the market which makes it even more odd that people would say the Astros “Don’t Move the Needle.”

LaVar Ball vs Kristine Leahy

LaVar Ball was on with Collin Cowherd.  During the interview, Ball told female reporter Kristine Leahy to “stay in her lane” and that he didn’t like her.  He explained, that Kristine said some shady things about him and his family.  I didn’t think it was a big deal but Kristine did.  Kristine is now claiming that LaVar is a sexist.

Cubs Fan Dies

I have a fascination with stadium deaths because I think you must be one ignorant person to get killed at a sporting venue. As Richard Harrity departed Wrigley field, he fell to his death.  I am 100% positive his autopsy will reveal alcohol in his system.


Reason is intelligence taking exercise. Imagination is intelligence with an erection.

  • Victor Hugo



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