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It’s a Western Conference sweep, Astros win, the great food list, and more! The update for 5/23

Abandoned restaraunt and old style car near gas station on the famous route 66 road in USA

Let’s start with some sportsy stuff… The Warriors officially completed the sweep of the San Antonio Spurs last night becoming the first team to win their first 12 games in a post season. Now we wait for the Cavs to put Boston out of their misery in the East. Why even watch. It’s the same thing every year. I guess if you are a Warriors fan or a Cavs fan, or a fan of Lebron James, or good basketball this wouldn’t be boring. Wait, come to think of it, we should all be happy with this outcome. But if you’re just a fan of parity for parities sake, or you’re Rockets fan on Twitter this probably sucks.
The Astros get back in the win column with a 1-0 victory over the Tigers last night at Minute Maid making them the first team to 30 wins this season. The lone run came in the bottom of the first with George Springer scoring on a double from Altuve. Brad Peacock pitched eight strikeouts through 4 ⅓ innings in his first start of the season and Springer had another amazing play. Imagine how boring this game is if you’re just a fan of runs. Baby Biscuit would be clawing my face off trying to get out of there. If the Astros can beef up their starting pitching and continue with good hitting, they’ve got a real shot at a deep run in the postseason. Check out our weekly Astros wrap-up (a personal favorite read of mine each week).

Delicious meat… Texas Monthly’s Best BBQ list came out this week and the Houston area has more representation than ever. Shout out to the Texas Monthly staff for taking on the thankless job of eating at the 50 most delicious BBQ places in the state, then scoring and ranking them for the people. They say Houston only has four places on the list, but what they fail to say is that Tomball, Spring, and Pearland (all Houston suburbs) are also on the list, so really it’s seven. The Houston area places are: CorkScrew BBQ, Tejas Chocolate Craftory, Pit Room, Gatlins, Killens, Pinkertons, and Roegels. I’ve been to the Pit Room, Gatlins, and Killens and for my money Pit Room is the best just because it’s the most unique. HOWEVA (Stephen A Smith), Yesterday I had Gatlins for a late lunch and I may have rediscovered religion..

If you’re a fan of Texas-centric food lists, check out this list of the 120 tacos you have to eat before you die, also compiled by Texas Monthly. I’d like to add the taco truck that’s parked outside of the D&Q Beer Station to this list. Their tacos are $2 a piece, cash only, and the red sauce was so spicy I hallucinated.

I love creating subjective lists of places that serve types of food. Immediately, if you’re one of the people who was already frequenting an establishment on the list, you feel a sense of pride like you found it first. Then when the place starts to get more crowded you get frustrated with all of the newcomers, and start making sure everyone knows you’ve been coming here for years. I find that part of human nature baffling. But I still love the lists. I want to know if the places I like are on the list, and what restaurants or food trucks, or bars I should be trying.  So I, for personal reasons (I want to know) will be embarking on a quest to find the best burger in Houston. I know this has been done before, but guess what – not by me so it doesn’t count. I’m splitting the city up into four parts and I will not be going outside of the Beltway. I’m sorry, there are simply too many restaurants. So stay tuned.

Fake News? Nobody has ever mischaracterized InfoWars as a credible news source, but maybe tweeting out that you have press credentials for the White House in order to cause a fervor on social media and then having people quickly find out that it was instead a day pass that any high school student in America could apply for isn’t the best look.

Listen I don’t think Donald Trump is the smartest man on earth, and it was pretty short sighted of him to go on Alex Jones’ website during his campaign but I do think he understands that InfoWars isn’t a real news source, something Alex Jones himself has said in his ongoing custody hearing, which has been a gold mine of classic Jonesisms. They’ve perpetuated the idea that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, said that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are demons from hell that reek of sulphur, and much more. Jerome Corsi alone has spread rumors online that Barack Obama is secretly gay and that Hillary Clinton has epilepsy. I also hate the people who get upset over every little thing the Trump White House does, giving this wack job a day pass isn’t going to hurt anyone – save your outrage for when it truly matters.

I don’t have a rant this week, my weekend was just too perfect. Not to brag. I also don’t have a bar to recommend as I was either sitting on the patio or at Griffs Saturday and spent all of Sunday laying on my neighbor’s couch watching the Astros lose only to relocate to my own couch to watch The Crow, Braveheart, and Superbad to close out the weekend. Because of this I will just continue to say Griffs is the best bar in the city for my money. On Saturday night they have a DJ who played actual music. I felt like I was at prom in 1988. 

Have a great week everybody!

Quote of the Day: 

“It can’t rain all the time” – The Crow

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