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Let’s cut the bull: NY will never come close to Texas barbecue, some sports, some stuff and more: The update for May 26


It’s only so much a Texan can take. Six years ago, Houston was snubbed; we were not awarded the Space Shuttle Enterprise Prototype.  Some genius thought it made more sense for the shuttle to be in New York.  The conspiracy theorist in me always felt it was political with Houston being in the South (Red State) in addition to who was in office.

I am just now beginning to get over the Space Shuttle but now it’s an active push to elevate New York’s barbecue to Texas levels.  Two months ago, I wrote about a smaller publication that tried to highlight New York’s barbecue.  I thought this asinine idea of NY approaching Texas status in barbecue would fade but evidently I was wrong.   It’s one thing for a small online publication to make a silly comparison but now The Wall Street Journal?   My heart rate increased on the title alone “Move Over, Texas—N.Y. Is Rustling Up Some Top-Notch Barbecue”.

New York will never approach Texas, North Carolina, Kansas City or Memphis in barbecue.  Come on, we are talking about 200-year-old traditions and recipes passed down.   New York can’t simply wake up one day and decide “hey we want to be like Texas in barbecue.”  Stick to pizza and boiled hot dogs and leave the barbecue to the pros.

Jokingly, I took offense with The Wall Street Journal publishing the article because it’s a huge publication and some idiots out there may believe this nonsense.

I have said this before but Texans judge barbecue much more harshly because nearly all Texans are barbecue experts therefore Texas establishments must be damned near perfect for us to respect them.


  • Victor Cruz went from shaking his ass dancing with the New York Giants to unemployed and he’s upset.
  • Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte decided to go full Ultimate Warrior choke slamming a young reporter.  Currently, there is only audio. I’m sure someone is waiting on TMZ to come calling for video.  The audio is priceless and worth a listen
  • Donald Trump is not going to allow some Congressman from Montana to upstage him. While attending the NATO Summit, cameras caught Trump moving Montenegro Prime Minister Markovic out of his way as he ascended to the front.


  • Checkout Brian O’Donal’s latest write up on NFL Rule Changes. Pretty interesting take on the timing of the rule changes.
  • A.J. Hoffman from the Blitz has decided to audition for Survivor.  During their show, David Gow (owner) endorsed the move.  A.J. should make multiple videos, and allow Blitzers to vote on the one to submit.


“Rich people have small TVs and big libraries, and poor people have small libraries and big TVs”

  –Zig Ziglar




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