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Glazed beef ribs recipe for today


If you didn’t know, I’m sort of a bad ass on the Barbecue Pit.  After the Wall Street Journal’s asinine article on New York’s barbecue, in addition to it being Memorial Weekend, it was just the excuses I needed to make some ribs.

Usually, I make pork ribs but this weekend I wanted to try beef.  Full disclosure, I borrowed a recipe from the Neelys however I made a few substitutions.

The Rub

  • Some Kosher Salt
  • Some Paprika
  • Some Chile Pepper
  • Some Black Pepper
  • Some Garlic Powder
  • Some Season Salt
  • Some Onion Powder

I am not all about measurements, so I use “some” of everything.  Apply the rub evenly to four slabs of rib.   Place your ribs in a pan, wrap them in foil and allow them to sit over night.

Photo May 26, 11 48 52 PMPhoto May 26, 11 55 09 PM

Hickory and Mesquite logs in the fire box and a few logs under the grill grates for direct heat.  Lie the ribs across the grates.  Allow the ribs to cook for five hours.

Close to finishing, make the glaze.


  • Some Pineapple Juice
  • Some Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Some Brown Sugar
  • Some Honey Mustard
  • Some Cheyenne Pepper
  • Some Maple Syrup
  • Some Honey

Slow cook the glaze to a simmer.  30 minutes before removing the ribs, apply the glaze on both sides of the racks.  Move the ribs closer to the firebox to allow to burn the glaze in.  Do not forget to add Vodka, Whiskey and beer for your laboring. EAT

Photo May 27, 3 57 04 PM (1)

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