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Kathy Griffin deserves what she got if not more, political talk, some sports and other stuff: The June 2 update


First thing first, I apologize Houston Sports and Stuff reader for scaring you with this hideous pic; she looks horrible.  Now that we got the formalities out of the way…

Kathy Griffin is under fire because of a photo of her holding a bloody Donald Trump head.   The Right condemned her as expected but so did the Left.  The Left was just as hard on her as the Right.

In my lifetime, every President has had some idiot who went a little too far.   It’s one thing to disagree with political or social points but once you switch over to murder or family, you’ve crossed the line.  It was one thing when “Joe Blow” does something stupid without a following; it’s a different ball game when:

  • Ted Nugent threatens Barack Obama
  • Madonna threatens Donald Trump
  • Griffin threatens Donald Trump

It’s one thing to disagree with politics but once you bring murder into the arena, you’ve crossed the line.  Truth be told, we will never know if Joe Blow was visited by authorities but it’s much more dangerous for a celebrity with a following to do it.

I predicted upon Donald Trump’s election, he’s a meal ticket for the media and “has been” entertainers.  Everyone will try to get in their zingers and one liners in hopes of Trump responding for getting mass reaction.

Most were calling for CNN to fire her; I disagreed; if you threaten a public official, you need to be visited by the authorities.

The Apology

After morons do something stupid, they apologize.   Lately, the apologies are routine and very predictable with celebrities.  In Kathy’s apology, she’s rolling her eyes.  The apology is nothing more than a desperate attempt to save their job and sponsors, it’s rarely about their dumb actions.

The Firing

CNN wasted no time firing Kathy.  After Kathy apologized, CNN fired her.  Jokingly, I wondered with CNN and Trump’s relationship, did they fir her for the disgusting picture or because she apologized?

Political Updates

Hillary Clinton blames the DNC

DNC blasts Hillary Clinton’s remarks

Climate Change Donkey –  Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris Accord Agreement which made The Left go insane.  The ACLU National twitter handle somehow linked climate to Racial Injustice.  I was sincerely interested to learn how weather has a racial component.  Below is the ACLU explaining how Climate Change is linked to racism.

Minorities are likely to live by Coal Mines?  Coal Mine areas are West Virginia, Wyoming, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania.  I highly doubt you are going to find more minorities in West Virginia than whites.  It was nothing more than the ACLU race baiting their way into a popular subject.

Sports Updates

Keith Mumphery – Houston Texan’s Keith Mumphery was expelled from Michigan State University for a sexual misconduct.  It’s odd because the police did not charge him.  If there is one positive in the story, Keith was attending MSU for his Graduate Degree while playing football.

Warriors win – After an endless wait for the NBA Finals to begin, we were treated to a snooze fest as the Warriors rolled in Game 1. 


Never fight with reality, you will always lose

–  unknown




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