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Numbers don’t lie when it comes to betting



Since the start of the 2014-2015 NBA Season, including the playoffs, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors have played 20 times.

Out of those 20 times, the teams combined score has fallen UNDER 220 19 times.

That is not a misprint.

19-1 towards the under of 220. That’s what you call a trend.

The NBA Finals Game 1 opened up with a total of 226, laughable.

The public watched the Warriors and Cavs annihilate opponents as they cruised through their respective conferences, setting up a collision of giants.

The “better” Warriors with Kevin Durant. The unstoppable LeBron James. The Cavs terrible defense. The Warriors scoring at will. All of this seemed to combine for a strong play on the over 226.

I hope your eyes didn’t fool you.

This was a duffel bag game. An open/close parlays, hammer the number, unload accounts type of game. 226 was a joke, and so was the closing over/under number of 225. Final score Warriors 113 Cavs 91, for a total of 204. Beating the closing number by 21 points.

Vegas realized their mistake and opened Game 2 at 222/221.5, depending on where you look. That’s a 4 point correction on an over/under in the NBA Finals with no injuries. Same home court. Nothing has changed. Remarkable.

Good news for us, last time I checked 222 was greater than 220.

I hope you loaded up on the first game, but if you didn’t, I think you know what to play.


1 Comment on Numbers don’t lie when it comes to betting

  1. Will there be another article from @jayoff288 prior to Game 3?


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