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Astro fans anger over media coverage is misplaced


It’s amazing to watch Astros fans upset with national media, specifically ESPN for not covering the Astros amazing start. I get it, but do not buy it.

What’s even more amazing is listening to local media also complain about the national media’s coverage.

I cannot be pissed at the national media for not covering the Houston Astros (the way we desire) when few shows locally gives a damn about the Astros.   There are a few shows who will devote adequate time for the Astros but for the most part, the local media ignores them.

There are also some local shows who try cover the Astros by simply saying “they are fun to watch.” Lastly, there are shows who will say “it’s too early for me to be interested in the Astros.”  The fact of the matter is, Astro fans should be digging into local media’s ass instead of the national media.

There is also fact, most on-air personalities in Houston are programmed to talk Texans and has no clue about the Astros or baseball in general.  They much rather talk about OTA QB competitions, Jordan vs Lebron, or the NHL than to expend resources on the Astros.

I do not believe Astros fans are asking the local media to become Charlie Pallilo in regards to the Astros, but the snubbing of the team does tend to get annoying.

I am more upset with the local than national media because I expect the national media to be deep up in The Yankees, Cubs, and Red Sox ass.

Locally, the Astros coverage is looking a lot like NCAA Basketball and March Madness.  For three months, you do not hear a peep about the NCAA. March Madness arrives, everyone is an expert. Similarly, in September, every media personality in Houston will suddenly become an expert if the Astros are making noise.




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