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Warriors defeat Cavs, Astros lose AGAIN, I’m old, A head transplant, funny Favre and more: Your June 8 update

Warriors Win Again

The Warriors took a commanding 3-0 lead in this best of 7 finals series after defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers 118-113 last night in “The Land.”

Now look, I’m not going to sit here and feed you a bunch of BS. This series is over. The Cavs aren’t coming back from this. That said, I’ll go ahead and pause for a second so you can yell at me about how the Cavs were down 3-1 last year and came back and won.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Feel better?

Now, lets get back to reality.

Last year, the Golden State Warriors didn’t have Kevin Durant. Durant is running away with the finals MVP award. He was once again big down the stretch in game 3, hitting a huge 3 to give the Warriors the lead with about 45 seconds left in the game. The Warriors finished the game on an 11-0 run and won what I considered to be the most important game in this series.



Speaking of Basketball (I’m Old)

I played a pickup game of basketball yesterday. And while I had fun, it was also a slap in the face because I am now officially old. At 43, I couldn’t make my body do what I knew it should do. Things like run, and/or jump (you know, important basketball things).

In game 3 I got a blister on my pinky toe and it felt like my foot had been run over by a truck.

I kind of knew this day was coming. The signs have been there for a while now. I’ll share them with you so you can evaluate for yourself if you are also officially an old man now:

  • I get mad at people for going faster than me (and slower than me)
  • I talk back to the radio
  • I argue with my wife in the car (when she’s not there. It’s the only way I can win)
  • I have actually said, “when I was young…” and then followed that with some BS reason why today’s kids are somehow worse than I was
  • I enjoy naps
  • I bought a weather station so I can know how much rain I get at the house
  • I worry about my lawn too much
  • (at least once a week) I’ll forget what I went into a room for
  • I lose my keys a lot
  • The last time I took a bath, my balls floated in the tub (this is game over, folks)

Being old sucks.

Astros lose again

First of all, calm down. So big deal they’ve now lost 2 in a row after winning 11 straight. Before they went on the streak, they had just been swept by the Indians the week before.

The team found out just minutes (10 to be exact) before the game that Dallas Kuechel wouldn’t be starting due to illness. This put AJ Hinch in a bind and instead of his ace taking the mound, he had to run Dayan Diaz out there.

If you just thought to yourself…who?


This is still the best team in baseball, and they’ll run their other ace out there tomorrow in Lance McCullers. He’ll be facing Jason Hammel, who has a 5.93 era and has only won 2 of his 10 starts.


Surgeon plans to perform first human head transplant

Brett Favre not knowing what a “nickle defense” is, is pretty hilarious. 

‘Generic’ Dad Needed For A BBQ In Hilarious Craigslist Ad

Man Who Hates 7-Eleven With A Passion Opens Up 6-Twelve Instead

Company Invents A Way To Bring People Back From The Dead

Sharks are so bad ass

Jerry Seinfeld dissing Kesha is pretty great

Quote of the Day

“Who gives a sh–?” – Brett Favre, after finding out what the Nickle defense is.

Hottie of the Day


In honor of Star Wars day with the Astros. Source.

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