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A few James Comey hearing thoughts, Lebron, Astros, Allison and more: The update for June 9


Yesterday was the day; the day scorned Former FBI Director was going to take down Donald Trump.  I approached the hearing knowing there was not going to be a  bombshell because it would likely mean trouble for Comey himself but I’m a political junkie and wanted to watch the circus show.

Media-Pre Hearings

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzBefore the hearings,  media were doing useless media things.   Greta Van Susteren tweeted a picture of Comey’s placard.   C- Span had a camera crew watching Comey’s home for nearly two hours before the hearing.  Two days before the hearings, multiple news outlets had a Comey Countdown Clock.






Opening Statement

In short, it appears Comey is nothing more than a politician who seemed very comfortable answering questions.  There were a few questions that appeared to rattle him but overall he played his part.

Comey’s opening statement was pretty much him blasting Trump about his firing.  I totally understand why Comey is upset.  I believe Comey should have been fired the moment Trump won the Presidency however I do not like the way Trump humiliated him.


  • Comey admitted that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch asked him to stop calling it “The Hillary Clinton Investigation” instead refer to it as “A Matter.”
  • Comey admitted after he was fired, he leaked his memos to a friend to get it to the media.
  • Comey admitted that Trump was not under investigation.
  • Several occasions, Comey revealed he was afraid to be alone with Donald Trump.
  • Senator John McCain confused Comey and America with his line of questioning.

Post Hearing

During the hearings, Comey revealed he leaked information of his meeting with Trump to a Law Professor at Columbia University after he was fired.  As a private citizen, it’s leaking but not exactly criminal.  Moments after his hearing, Trump’s attorney revealed that Comey leaks didn’t align with Comey’s  statement.   The New York Times wrote about Comey’s memos before the date he mentioned during his hearings.  Although it won’t happen, if they were to pursue Comey, I wonder if it would be for lying to the Senate or leaking as a public servant.

In conclusion, there was no smoking gun or bombshell.  The only thing Comey did in this hearing was feed Republicans a few giblets and Democrats a little more.

I do not believe Trump will be impeached nor do I believe Democrats are seriously trying to impeach him.  Democrats are trying to accomplish two things:  Keep the Russia story in the news until midterm elections and prevent Trump’s agenda.  Oddly, I think the Russia story is Trump’s Trojan Horse to push his agenda.  Media is so focused on Russia, they totally missed the Paris Accord exit.

A story cannot be as big as Russia with countless agencies and Federal Politicians involved for there not to be a smoking gun.


Some on social media are accusing Hillary and Bill Clinton of being Slave Owners.  They have even went as far as to get a #slaveQueen hashtag trending on Twitter.  I do not care for the Clintons but after I read the story, I laughed.   When Bill was the Governor of Arkansas, the Clintons used prison labor to maintain the Governor’s Mansion.  It’s common to use prisoners in government buildings and the governor’s mansion is a government building.  People, this is not slavery.

Boycott The NFL-  Yep, you got it, the blackest white dude “Shaun King” has announced he’s boycotting the NFL because of Colin Kaepernick.  I guess I am more shocked Shaun has not boycotted the color white.  Shaun is not your traditional Race Baiter or Poverty Pimp; he’s like an ambulance chasing lawyer.  He’s a race chaser.

Show me the Pics Bro – Lebron James ‘Los Angeles home was vandalized.  Apparently, someone drew a racial slur on his property.  A few people are questioning, how in 2017 there are no pictures.  I really do not care about Lebron’s crib however “why feed the attention whores”  Obviously, the vandalizers wanted attention, why feed them?

Back on track – The Astros got a nice win last night.

I enjoyed reading Stephen Uzick’s Tropical Storm Allison article.  I am fascinated with any literature on Allison because I was caught in it and had to sleep on the 59/Kirby overpass.


“Wisdom is nothing more than the marriage of intelligence and compassion.

And, as with all good unions, it takes much experience and time to reach its widest potential.”

– Vera




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