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Hall Of Famer Rick Barry’s on-air fight with Rob Parker

Earlier today I was listening to WDFN’s Parker & the Man (forgive me) and came across an incredibly entertaining on-air spat.

What began as a mere difference of opinion between host Rob Parker and his on-air guest (NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry) regarding the last minute decision making by Lebron James in Game 3 of the Finals, soon turned ugly when Barry called Parker a “loser.” The gloves came out, and a short but very heated argument ensued:

Listen here: Rick Barry On-Air Fight

It is safe to assume that Barry finds little value in the opinion of sports media over that of one who has actually played the game, as the name calling began shortly after Parker referred to his years in journalism/media being comparable to the knowledge of a Hall of Famer. Parker then swiftly instructed the show’s producer to “hang up on him” – but at co-host Mark Wilson‘s urging (because he actually wanted to talk about basketball) Barry stayed on the line, and proceeded to tell Parker to “shut up,” calling him a fool.

He apologized a few minutes later to Parker for his name calling, but needless to say, the on-air personality still took a few shots at Rick Barry later on in the show once he was gone.


Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is part of the weekly update team (Fridays) and also weighs in on a variety of subjects during the week. He is former military and a UH grad. Follow him on Twitter: @sportsmedialm



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