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Does Donald Trump think Deshaun Watson is going to be good? Can the Astros get every single pitcher on the disabled list? Who won the NBA Championship? The update for June 13.

Hey gang. It’s Tuesday, June 13th and the Warriors have beaten Lebron again. Let’s get it started with some sportsy stuff!

Astros. The Astros disabled list is getting hilarious. Currently on the DL are Dallas Keuchel, Lance McCullers, Colin McHugh, and Charlie Morton. Mike Fiers and Joe Musgrove are the only two pitchers from the original rotation that are not currently on the DL and Musgrove was just recalled. Now I’m personally not concerned. The Astros have a 12 game lead over the second place Angels. Mike Fiers had a good outing for them on Saturday and Brad Peacock has been above average although he’ll be pitching tomorrow on only three days rest after a lackluster game on Friday. The only worry would be that depth is obviously an issue. If Keuchel and McCullers are both unable to pitch meaningful games this team isn’t winning the World Series – which they are good enough to do. Despite Fiers good game over the weekend, he’s had an obscenely high ERA over his last several starts. The Astros are a viable contender if healthy, but as every single person in the entire city has said – they need to get that third starter to really shore up their rotation. Check out our weekly wrap-up HERE.

Speaking of the Astros, The Ringer needs to settle down since literally no one has said anything close to this:

NBA Finals: It’s 9:40 pm on Monday June 12 and the Golden State Warriors are going to be NBA Champions before midnight. Morning update – I was right! Lebron James is the best player in the universe. But the Warriors have three of the 10 best players in the league on their team. Team chemistry is king in team sports and the Warriors have it in spades. At first I thought Cleveland had a chance but then the Warriors went on a 38-19 run in the second quarter. As of this writing the Warriors are up by 11 and the game is over. Update – Warriors win by 9, 129-120.

Minor League Baseball teams are known for three main things: team names, mascots, and promotional nights. There are some all time great minor league baseball promo nights and then there is this from the Jumbo Shrimp of Jacksonville:

I love this. Everyone is going to be doing a Fathers Day event of some sort. Organizing an event where fathers and their children can go to the ball park, enjoy a free hot dog and a soda on the team, maybe some fireworks after the game or a concert of some sort, handing out free t-shirts is simple. Any promotional team in the entire world can pull that off. But the head of marketing for the Jumbo Shrimp is one step ahead of the game. This is Florida after all. “Dad” has been noticing Tommy looks a little bit too much like the next door neighbor who works from home three days a week. Luckily “You Might Be the Father’s Day” is right around the corner.

Deshaun Watson visited the White House with the National Championship winning Clemson Tigers and for some reason, some Texans executives went also. Luckily for Texans fans Donald Trump, a man who has never engaged in hyperbole, says that Watson is going to be a great NFL player.

Poop Alien: This man had 28 pounds of feces in his colon, as he’s been constipated HIS ENTIRE LIFE. That’s an actual nightmare. I won’t show a photograph of the poop filled colon here because we live in a society, but I will tell you it looks like the alien from Tremors had a baby. 


Quote of the Day:

I just bought a Rottweiler, and I need a sign to warn people how dangerous it is. Ah, yes, here it is: “ONE WAY.” So people will know if they step into my yard, there’s only one way out–in a body bag from dog injuries.” – Mayor Adam West, Family Guy (RIP)

Hottie of the Day:

warriors cheerleaders

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