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Local media claims the city of Houston didn’t like Arian Foster

While traveling on Father’s Day, I was listening to Jeremy BranhamDerek Fogel on SportsRadio 610. Fogel hails from Chicago and is relatively new to Houston & Jeremy has been in here since 2006.

During the show, they begin to talk about Arian Foster, in which Jeremy casually informs Houston newbie Fogel that the city of Houston didn’t care for him. I was so baffled at what I heard, I was immediately compelled to tweet “the media had an issue with Arian, not the fan-base.”

To bolster his claim, Jeremy then says that if you were to put up a poll, 75% of Houston would say they do not like Foster. Apparently, he was getting crushed on the text line after making this assessment (I deducted this via his co-host laughing at the fire texts), but that didn’t stop Jeremy – in fact, he doubled down.

Jeremy’s “drop the mic” moment was his explanation that Houston had a problem with Arian Foster because of his affair, indicating that he doesn’t believe in God – and we all know Houston (and Texas) does not like that. Essentially, he was implying that Houston’s conservative nature would obviously take offense to Foster being an Atheist and a adulterer.  This thought could potentially come across as profoundly deep… until you realize Houston is actual a predominantly liberal city (as are most metropolitan cities in Texas).  I mean, come on. In recent years, Houston we have a lesbian mayor, and then followed it up with an African American.

People have to be careful with Texas (and the south in general) when stereotyping major cities. Houston is a giant, thriving metropolis – and we’re more diverse than New York City.

Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty sure that there are some Houstonians that had an issue with Arian Foster based upon his off-the-field problems alone. But… I didn’t hear it.

In all fairness, Jeremy expressed that he had no problems with Foster, and even actually liked him. But he made the classic mistake of thinking that just because the media disliked a player, then the fans obviously must have disliked him as well.

At most, I recall Houston fans being annoyed with Arian’s injuries, but it never even remotely approached an “I don’t like Arian” status.

And do you know why local media had a problem with Arian Foster? Because he acted snobby towards them, while remaining completely cool with national media. Sounds like someone got their feelings hurt.

While listening to the show, I tweeted Jerome Solomon about Houston “not liking” Arian Foster, and he replied with the following:



When it comes to “dropping the mic:” Jerome Solomon > Jeremy Branham.

Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is part of the weekly update team (Fridays) and also weighs in on a variety of subjects during the week. He is former military and a UH grad. Follow him on Twitter: @sportsmedialm

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