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Philando Castile: It stinks! Astros, Morey or less and a hottie: The update for June 23


I am not going to “hoop and holler,” because that’s just expected: Officer Jeromino Yanez shot and killed Philando Castile during a routine traffic stop.

I have a few thoughts about the situation, as well as the verdict.


I have seen many automatically resort to screaming “racism” or “white supremacy.”   The White Supremacy one has me puzzled since this didn’t involve a white person.  The videos I’ve seen and refuse to post display an inexperienced scared cop. In the history of criminality, what person who’s up to “no good” voluntarily tells a cop “I have a gun” if they are about to do something bad?  That’s crazy; getting shot should not be the outcome for not following a lawful order in a timely fashion.

I’m a licensed gun owner and have been pulled over and I can’t help but think “what if?” As a young black man, when you are pulled over, your nerves are going; add a gun with a cop in your face and you are a mess. I can totally understand Philando not computing the direct order.  Now that I’m older, I don’t get the jitters anymore. I leave my hands on the steering wheel and tell the cop to grab the piece.

Yes, it sucks that protocol is different for blacks with a firearm than other ethnicities with firearms but that’s the reality.  Some police have a problem with black men having firearms in their presence.  Black, Locs, plus a gun — oh yeah buddy, that’s the trifecta.

Philando did not deserve to die and Jeromino should face some action but he will not because we have inept jurors.

Jury Verdict

I have been on this kick for a while, African Americans need to participate more in Voir Dire.  As much as I think the verdict was lame and the jurors were stupid,  I feel like a hypocrite in blasting 12 jurors doing a civic duty that I have tried to get out of.

In my circles, it’s common for blacks to brag about getting out of jury duty… but now we are seeing how it can possibly hurt.  Am I shocked at the verdict composed of this?

  • Juror 1: Young black male
  • Juror 2: An older white female
  • Juror 3: Middle-aged white male
  • Juror 4: A middle-aged white male
  • Juror 5: A middle-aged white female
  • Juror 6: A white male in his 40s
  • Juror 7: A white female in her late 30s to early 40s
  • Juror 8: An 18-year-old Ethiopian-American female
  • Juror 9: A middle-aged computer support worker; she was not familiar with the Yanez case, and said “I’m thankful we have police officers.” She believes in the right to own a firearms but added “I’m trying to stay away from them right now.”
  • Juror 10: A middle-aged white male
  • Juror 11: A middle-aged white male
  • Juror 12: A middle-aged white male



George Springer got beaned… and briefly, Houston stopped breathing.  Ball grazed hand, hand was x-rayed. Collectively, we exhaled after learning the x-rays were negative.

Thursday, I was listening to the Astros Broadcast. David Paulino was pitching a beauty and one of the announcers went out of his way to compare Paulino to Satchel Page.  Two things wrong with this; desperately trying to compare a player with another player of their ethnicity is weak.  Yea I know Paulino is Hispanic but visibly he’s black.  Satchel Page? I doubt anyone in the listening audience ever saw Satchel Page pitch at his zenith to even get the reference.

Daryl Morey received a contract extension for being humiliated.  I swear, in Houston, some of our most beloved figures are best known for not winning sh–.  Sincerely, Bum Phillips.

Quote Of the Day

Love looks through a telescope; envy, through a microscope.

  • Josh Billings

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Hottie Of the Day

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