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NBA awards, Martha the “ugly” dog, and more: the update for June 27th

In case you missed it the NBA awards were last night and a couple of Rockets took home some hardware.

Coach of the Year: Mike D’Antoni. When D’Antoni was hired to lead the Rockets there were naysayers galore around the city. He’d gotten to the playoffs with the Phoenix Suns but the result was always the same, his coaching style combining high scoring offense while downright ignoring the importance of defense was something we’d already seen for several seasons with this team. People didn’t expect much from the Rockets with D’Antoni as coach but they were a pleasant surprise until Harden went full Harden in game six against the Spurs. After watching Golden State go 13-1 on their way to the championship though, it’s hard to imagine even the best coaching from D’Antoni could have gotten this team out of the west. Shaving his mustache was a personal affront though and I can never forgive him for that.

Sixth Man of the Year: Eric Gordon. Both Eric Gordon and Lou Williams were nominated for this award, should this be allowed!? Gordon came off the bench for the Rockets in 60 games and set a record for most three pointers by a bench player with 206. I’m not a stats gal, but that seems good.

Hustle Award: Patrick Beverley. At first I thought this was a Twitter joke, until the official NBA on TNT account tweeted it. This award was created so that the NBA could recognize Patrick Beverley. If he doesn’t win it every year we have a serious problem. Pat Bev is that player in a pick up game who isn’t as good as everyone else on the floor but he’s scrappy and he never gives up. He’s literally a mad man on the court and I love it. He’s like when my chihini (Chihuahua mixed with a wiener dog) plays with my much larger border collie mix. That’s a fight he’ll never win but my god he’s giving it his all.

The MVP award went to Russell Westbrook over James Harden who finished second and I’m just so sick of having this argument I can’t say anything else about it. Harden had the best offensive regular season of all time, but Russell Westbrook set the triple double record and was the ONLY reason his team made the playoffs. Either of these guys could have won and I’d be fine with it.

James forgot about the award and would give his career up for Nicki Minaj though…

Elsewhere in the world the Ball family was on Monday Night Raw and it was absolutely outrageous. If there was any doubt in the world that Lavar Ball is dying to be in the spotlight it should be erased now. Not that I care. The man spent 19 years raising Lonzo, LaMelo, and LiAngelo to be superstar basketball players. I’m fine with him soaking up the shine. Also, shockingly, Lavar’s father agrees he could have beat Michael Jordan in a 1 on 1 basketball game and this is officially my favorite family of all time.

Cute Dog of the Day: There’s just no possible way this Neopolitan Mastiff Martha is really the ugliest dog in America. She is a-dor-a-ble. I would cuddle with Martha all day if I could. That being said, she absolutely looks like a 110 year old woman named Martha, so the name fits.


The Astros continue to roll through their division despite a terrible start from Martes on Sunday where he only made it through two innings, and gave up a trillion walks. Check out our weekly wrap-up here.

Quote of the Day:

“I would kick your ass” – Bill Russell, a national treasure.

Hottie of the Day:



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