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Big Houston sports news, bold MLB predictions, Uranus keeps opening, why VY? and much more: It’s the June 29 update

Well I guess I can’t start this weeks post off without first commenting on the biggest thing to happen in Houston sports in recent months.

That’s right, the Houston Dynamo lost to Sporting Kansas City 2-0 and thus ends their quest for the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup.

Oh, and the Rockets got better, what evs…BUT DYNAMO!

Seriously though, I know has you covered for the big trade by the Rockets to land CP3. You can read this and this for the deets.

I just want to point out that Daryl Morey is a damn genius. He’s out here using loopholes in the system to land All-Stars and I love it.

I was going to try and explain it all but TheDreamShake  and SB Nation both have articles that do a much better than I could, so go read them when you’re done here.


We’re almost at the half way mark of the baseball season so here are three bold (and what will most likely turn out to be stupid) predictions for how things will go the rest of the year.

#1 The Royals WILL Make The Playoffs

Much like the Astros last year, the Royals got off to a terrible start, going 7-16 this year in April. But since then they have gone 15-14 in May and are 15-8 in June. Add it all up and they find themselves only 2.5 games behind the first place Indians. They have gone from sellers to “wait and see” at the trade deadline. Even if they can’t catch the Indians to win the division all they have to do is catch either the Rays or the Twins for the 2nd Wild Card spot; and with their core group (Hosmer, Moustakas, Cain, and Perez) still around, and the fact they’ll get their ace Danny Duffy back after the all-star break, that’s doable

#2 The Cubs WON’T Make The Playoffs

The lovable losers (can we still call them that?) are back to their old ways. After their dominant 2016 campaign the Cubbies have looked very beatable. Right now they are 6.5 games behind the Rockies for the 2nd Wild Card spot in the N.L. The Rockies have stumbled as of late, and even if they can’t hold on, the Cardinals could surprise some folks with a good second half (consider that last part a bonus prediction).

#3 Lance McCullers WILL Win the Cy-Young Award

I should point out that I said before the season started that I felt if McCullers could stay healthy that he would become the ace of this staff. I stand behind that, especially with Dallas Keuchel having injury issues. That said, it’s time to take it a step further. IF Mcullers can stay healthy, he is pitching like a guy who can win a Cy Young. He’s 7-1 with a 97 strikeouts, a 2.53 era, a 1.04 WHIP, a strikeout to walk ratio of 4.22 and is racking up a healthy 10.69 strikeouts per 9 innings. If you’re scoring at home that’s tied for 8th in the AL in wins, 7th in Ks, 2nd in ERA, 2nd in WHIP, 6th in k/bb ratio and 3rd in Ks per 9 innings. Not bad, kid.

And yes, I am fully aware that some dude named Chris Sale is out there dealing. Keep in mind that McCullers is pitching every bit as good, and for a better team (also keep in mind these are BOLD predictions, not obvious ones).


Vince Young has lost his damn mind…again.

– “Uranus Keeps Opening Up Every Day” might be my favorite headline ever because I’m a 9 year old kid at heart.

– Furious hippo attacks and drowns a massive rhino in an epic fight caught on camera at South African game reserve

Supreme Court will hear New Jersey sports betting appeal: What’s next?

– 10 under-the-radar NBA free agents who could make a big splash

– The ANTI NBA Awards nailed it

– A New Study Says Cowboys Have NFL’s Best Fans, Ranks Every Fanbase From Best To Worst. I know, I hate it too.

– The jokes at the David Ortiz roast were so vulgar, NESN decided not to air it. Worth a listen if you have the time. NSFW FYI.


“I can’t believe they’re retiring this guy’s number,” said Burr. “He’s a [expletive] DH. Retiring a DH’s number is like putting a vice president on Mount Rushmore.” – Bill Burr, at the Roast of David Ortiz.



Since Holly uploaded a picture of somebody she knew, yesterday I figured I’d do the same today. I took this as part of a set back when I owned – Good Times.

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