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“Nobody Speak – Trial of a Free Press” Examination


Have you ever watched a documentary so biased that you found yourself liking it because it validated your beliefs?  Usually, when I feel a project is biased, I steer clear but this was different because I didn’t catch the bias until halfway through.

I am a documentary freak; for a couple of days, Nobody Speak kept reappearing but the title didn’t catch my attention.  What made me watch it was a picture of Hulk Hogan during his Gawker lawsuit.

Hulk Hogan

It’s a two-hour documentary; approximately half of the documentary is about the Hulk Hogan and Gawker trial.  The way they covered the trial was very interesting.  They highlighted details about the trial I did not know.  For example, the judge’s opening statement to the jury about her dislike of current journalism.  In addition to, Hogan dropped a key complaint against Gawker which reduced the amount Hogan could receive but removed the burden from Gawker’s insurance thereby making Gawker personally responsible for all damages.  A Gawker executive said someone wanted to personally hurt them.  One of the most surprising things they mentioned, the Gawker trial had nothing to do with Hulk Hogan.  Hogan was only a pawn in the bigger scheme.


The documentary takes a sharp turn after Hogan’s trial as they revealed Silicon Valley Billionaire Peter Thiel was the anonymous financier of the lawsuit.  According to the documentary, Peter was upset with Gawker for “outing” him years prior.


Immediately after Hogan’s trial, Peter revealed he was the secret financier.

They switched to another story about billionaire Casino Owner Sheldon Adelson purchasing Las Vegas Review-Journal.  Apparently, Adelson and a group of investors purchased the publication anonymously and the employees desperately wanted to find out who they were.  In the end, a few journalists/employees discover the principal owner(s) and published an unapproved story.


As I was watching, I knew it was coming, Donald Trump.  The last portion of the documentary went full on Trump and how billionaires are killing media’s right to Free Press.  Of course, they showed a series of Trump’s confrontations with media in addition to Peter Thiel speaking at the Republican National Convention.


Nobody Speak was so incredibly one-sided, I couldn’t even get upset, I laughed.  It was good but the violin music in the background and the constant crying about Free Press was laughable.

Nobody Speak totally omitted all the bulls— the media has done that has driven some people to adverse actions.  It was a huge pity party for the media documentary.  Watching the documentary, it appeared media believes since they have Freedom of the Press, they can say and do whatever they want and no one should challenge their authority.

For the last two years, I have witnessed the media sink to levels I never seen in my life and I won’t even go into their political alliances.

The media can make and break you and it’s becoming much harder for them to use their old tactics to bring people down.  Most of the public does not trust the media and people are pushing back.

I do believe the media has a utility but they ruined most of their credibility.  I trust little from them.  I have told people, it’s even harder to believe the media with most things Trump because I know both sides are in an active war of words.  That’s not to say I believe Trump’s word because he’s also altered facts for lack of better words

Watching Nobody Speak reminded me of various nature documentaries I’ve watched.   Interesting documentary, I’m engaged then suddenly, I hear the violin music and BAM, Climate Change commentary as the credits roll.  I laugh and say, THEY GOT ME.

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