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Tweaking Cowboys fans, out of control money, three shames and more: The update for July 5



I miss that feeling.

Being sober sucks. So what did I do this weekend since I didn’t drink? I binge watched storm chasers while eating spicy chili lime pork rinds. I’m so bored. So stressed. And have a headache almost equivalent to that of a hangover. I presume this is my withdrawal stage of recovery.

Side note: Apparently one shot of Titos vodka = 140 calories.
I drink abt 12 on a regular night out. No wonder my summer body is looking more winter-ish.

Speaking of statistics: My dear friend who happens to be a Dallas Cowgirl fan sent me this meme.


Don’t worry guys, I quickly reminded him that just two seasons ago his team only won 4 of 16 games… (which is only one more win than the Cleveland Browns had. That’s embarrassing) With football season quickly approaching, this is the time I like to humble you guys. #neverforget #wasdemboys

Let’s get sportsy…

Just last week we were all talking about the huge contract Derek Carr signed with the Raiders… and then this happened. The NBA always tries to one up the football world. Steph Curry signs for $201 million? *stops. Re reads that last line. Takes a deep breath.*


That’s absurd. I’m no hater, call me what you like BUT you’re out of your damn mind if you think anyone is worth that much. For $201 million Steph better personally serve me wings and beer at every home game, hit EVERY shot EVERY time he touches the ball, never sit out not ONE game, play the most immaculate defense this sport has EVER seen, beat MJ one on one 201 times AND then some. I don’t ever want to hear a team use the excuse “salary cap” ever again. These guys just pulled 201 MILLION DOLLARS from somewhere, so anything is possible.

What am I getting at here? NFL players deserve more money.

Let me guess, you NBA fans are thinking…

“But Holly, in the NBA the guys play 92,472 games a season. NFL guys play 16.” That’s yall’s fault. Nobody told y’all to play that many games.

“Basketball is more exciting. It brings in more money.” False. The NFL is America’s baby. She brings in double the annual revenue of the NBA. So, try again.

There is NOTHING you can say that would change this statement besides the roster ratios. I am completely aware that there’s a huge difference between 14 active roster spots versus 53 players. Realistically, I suppose it makes sense but I don’t like it. NFL players risk entirely too much to get the contracts some of them end up with. Mentally and physically they endure more than the average athlete. Not to mention, football is a full on contact sport. Does the word concussion ring a bell? A basketball player runs up and down a court. A baseball player swings a bat and jogs to a plate. Golfers… You get my point.


Let’s not even get started on guaranteed money. To think that this is somehow OK makes NO sense. Someone needs to slip Goodell an adderall so he can focus on how to move some money around and come up with a plan to fix these contracts.

This is for you Roger Goodell…

Shame bell No. 1


It’s probably best that I stopped drinking because this could have been me flashing the Judge in court… (She’s from Florida, of course)

Shame bell No. 2


An oldie but goodie. One of my favorite stories to re read. This drunk hottie breaks into houses to eat their food.

Shame bell No. 3


Quote of the day: There are 64 days left until the National Football League season starts.” -Siri

Hottie of the Day:

Ayesha Curry. Because legally in the state of California this is what $101 million looks like. Now that’s sexy.

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