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I’m embarrassed to be an American, Astros, big butts and more: The update for July 7


A lot of Americans are embarrassed to be Americans.  Donald Trump’s behavior is so reprehensible, Americans are ashamed. Newsflash, this was also said when George W. Bush was in office.

The rally cry appears to be Trump’s Twitter behavior; in addition to a school yard beef with the Mainstream media.  Trump is reducing the office of the Presidency.  Am I in bizarro land?  We have leaped the “Decency of the Presidency” stage a long time ago.

  • Thomas Jefferson dueling with a citizen on the White House Lawn
  • Thomas Jefferson raping — oops I mean having an affair — with a slave
  • FDR marrying his cousin
  • FDR having an affair with his caretaker
  • John F. Kennedy and his brother (Robert) screwing Marilyn Monroe
  • Nancy Reagan dabbling into Astrology while in the White House
  • Bill Clinton screwing a woman with a cigar in the Oval Office
  • Barack Obama bowing to foreign leaders
  • White House openly supporting Gay Marriage which goes against God
  • And many more

The listed bullet points above were Presidential but satirical. Tweets from Trump are beneath the Office.  GTFOH, this is nothing more than a bunch of whining media elites who are upset that their antiquated hit pieces are not taking Trump out like they have done in the past.


The media is not use to someone fighting them back and they can’t take it.  They are used to public figures folding.

CNN is so butthurt, they tracked down the creator of the GIF Trump tweeted and threatened to expose his name.  There are even reports, CNN may have threatened the wrong person because the GIF he created was different from the one Trump tweeted.  Not only are they are a bunch of whiny adults, they have no sense of humor.


When you are embarrassed, there must be a person or something to be embarrassed in front of?  Nothing makes me chuckle more than people on social media (likely Anti-Trumpers) get on Twitter and say they are embarrassed.   I am not embarrassed by Trump in front of other countries.  These are the same countries that if catastrophe arises, they will come crying to America for assistance and America is expected to respond.  Contrary to popular belief, America is still the best country people are risking life and limb to enter.  The funniest thing, lames who regurgitate this “embarrassed to be American” bull—- are people who never been outside of the Continental US.

Some of the things Trump does is childish and petty but it doesn’t make me embarrassed to be an American.

I have come to realize, most want sh– to be different if only it can be the same.


The Astros got five players into MLB Allstar game.   Solid!  I am happy for them and that’s about as far as it goes.  I want a Championship; I am not sure if I’m going to even watch the All-Star game.  The same way I blasted Rocket fans for MVP thirst, I feel the same about the Astros.  I don’t care about accolades, I just want a Championship.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzPetty Texan fan flipping off Troy Aikman.  Although I think the Texans v Cowboys beef is silly, this was funny.  The look on Troy’s face is priceless.

Robert Griffin III welcomes a new baby to the world.  Hopefully, RG3 didn’t injure himself in the delivery room.

Last week, I heard one of the funniest political commercials.  On the 4th of July, I was listening to 950 AM, and heard the following bit explaining how the media covers terrorist attacks.

California Reporter was vomited on while covering an Iron Man competition


“The most powerful weapon in the world, as far as I’m concerned, is the camera. “

Paul Watson





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